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Determination is Key
Hi there,

I'm a 28 year old Mum of three (oldest 11, youngest almost 2, and piggy in the middle is 8), and I decided all of a sudden, and with ferocious grit, to join Slimming World, and give it my all.
I had no idea of the structure of Slimming World - the very idea of Syns (or sins, as I thought they were) confused and frightened me. I wasn't entirely sure I could work it out and I was sure it was going to be a constant struggle.
I couldn't be more wrong. I joined two weeks ago - on my own, as all the friends who were themselves unhappy with their weight, and swore up and down they'd join with me, pulled out at the last minute - and felt very self-conscious standing outside the venue, furiously pulling on a cigarrette and praying nobody would know me.
So my first weigh-in on the night I joined told me I was 249 (I had lost 3lbs myself the previous week calorie counting), and I spent the first week never far from my food optimising booklet.
Second weigh-in was last night, and I've already lost 5.5lbs. I was thrilled.

For the first time in my life, I am absolutely, and completely determined to DO THIS!
Let's see if there's some bones under all this blubber :8855:

So yeah, that's me in a nutshell!
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Determination is Key
Thanks Nichola!
Here's to hoping I can keep that focus going!

I recently started cycling, for the first time since I was 14..and omg, talk about saddle sore! And out of breath going up hill! But I bought a trailer for my baby girl, and she loves going in it so much, that it will force me to keep at it.
I try to get out and walk 3 miles a couple of times a week, also. Small steps!
Next week, I'm hoping to start an aqua aerobics class one morning a week, also.
I have a wii fit, but at the size I am right now, I'm a bit embarrassed about using it with the kids and himself in the house. Hopefully I'll dust it off and use it once I've lost a few pound.


Determination is Key
Well I've struggled - in a sort of apathetic way - most of my life with my weight. At sixteen, I was in a size 16, and weighed 13 stone. I thought I was some sort of Jabba the Hut back then, and slouched around in baggy clothes and hid behind a self-depricating wit.
It was only after I had my first daughter, that I realised what being FAT really felt like. I shot up to a size 20 and 16 stone.
I kind of yo-yo'd for years until a few weeks ago I went shopping with my friend. Of course she's much thinner than me, and naturally we went into what I scathingly - and jealously - refer to as "skinny shops". I felt like a whale! I was full sure every other skinnymalinx in there was silently wondering what in the name of all that's Holy, I was doing there?!! And of course there were full length mirrors EVERYWHERE!!
So, I went home with a backbone of steel, and a heart full of woe. This time next year girls, I WILL walk into those "skinny shops" and I WILL buy myself an outfit! Probably a very revealing one, haha ha!
I have always hated shopping cos I never felt comfortable and never felt like I looked nice in size 16-18s
went shopping on friday for a dress for my 40th birthday party and it felt amazing to be trying size 12 and 14 dresses on,

it'll all be worth it in the end, it'll be you going into the skinny shops soon,

mind you I do still gravitate towards the 16 and upwards sections..... force of habit I think x


Determination is Key
Even the really nice plus size clothes just don't look RIGHT when they're on! All clothes hang better on a slim frame.
I love corsets, and I can't wait to buy one when I don't actually have to pull it so tight that I can't breathe just to have a waist LOL

Ohhh, happy birthday, by the way!!!


resident foodaholic
hi and welcome, good luck, you dont sound as though you need much of it though :)


Determination is Key
Oh I'm sure we all need a bit of luck sometime!
After all, I've only just started, and it's all fresh and new. Give me until the shine wears off and I'll be in here complaining that I want pizza or chinese food but can't afford the Syns, and should I just give up!? lol

Thanks for the welcome!!