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Just wanted to say hello to you all

Ive been on CD for a week, first weigh in tomorrow, am slightly apprehensive to say the least.:rolleyes:

Have managed ok so far, must admit the time has gone quickly, just wish i could have a bar, would be so much easier for me.

Ive got at least 3 stone to lose, but am going to Florida on the 15th Dec for 2 weeks so have got about 12 weeks left to crack on, and then try and maintain while on holiday:eek:

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

I'm sort of in a similar situation to you - my aim is pretty much to loose as much as possible by December, then try to maintain through Christmas etc, and see where I am after this - hopefully should still be at a healthy BMI!

One thing I've found that's helped, is having a time based goal like this - you can say to yourself, oh well, I'm only on this for another however many weeks - I can have this when I get there. Obviously you can't just started eating everything in sight in 12 weeks time, but it helps me deal with any cravings. And honestly, I really don't think there is anything that I've wanted that I'm really still going to want when I get through, but I know I could.

Hope this makes some sense!

Don't sole source till you go on your hols, as you'll end up putting on loads, and may well not be able to cope with the sudden change in diet - build it up in maybe the fortnight before you go - ask your CDC, as I am no expert.

Also two things to keep at the front of your mind:

Nothing tastes as good as being slim will feel

Water is a magic liquid that will help you get there quicker!
Hi Sarah

First of all well done on getting throught the hardest week, it is worth it, but I can't believe it is only 12 weeks to the middle of Dec - it made me sit up and go wow - I am going to Florida on Dec 16th for 2 weeks too.

You could lose 3 stone in that time frame, just keep focusing on Florida, it will be worth it in the end.

Hi Sarah,

Looking forward to reading about your first weigh in tommorow:) Hang onto that magic motivation that you feel right now and think of Florida!!

Hope your weigh in goes well !!
Let us know!
Ive got a goal to try and loose 3 stone for December, Its hubbys works do- 2 of them!
Having a goal really gives me something to focus on-On my calendar every saturday it says "12 weeks to go" etc
It's not really that long to look completely different, and a few clothes sizes down ! :)
Hi Sarah,

Wow congratulations on your 9lb loss that is fantastic, well done, you will reach that target if you keep going, keep the water up and stick to it all the time and you will be fine.

I have no idea where we are staying lol left that tothe hubby - I do know that we are in Miami for 4 days, then in Orlando for 4 days and then back to Miami.

We didn't want to spend all our time in Orlando this time, I used to live out in New York and have a sister in Palm Beach so have spent a lot of time over the years in Orlando. Now that the kids are in their late teens, it was time to spread our wings ..... Saying that we are on International Drive somewhere in Orlando, will look at the details one of these days and let you know!!

Well, must get on, busy day today ....

I've been advised to only have 1 bar a day.. and must say i feel hungry after a bar where as i don't a normal shake.. i tend to keep bars for a day when i really can't make a shake (i.e. on a training course or something).

Well done on your 9lb loss! you are well on your way!
Whatever you have lost by December.. will be a huge bonus, so don't be down if you don't make your 3 stone goal... however.. nothing wrong with keeping yourself motivated! ;)
Hiya! Very well done on your first weight in! I lost 7 3/4lbs on my first week and have now lost 11.5lbs in 2 weeks.

My 3rd weigh in is on Tuesday, can't wait as I should hit my first stone.

I too want to lose 3 stone in time for mid December as I get married on 17th!!!

We both have very good goals to get to!

Good luck, I'm finding this the easiest thing I've ever done and it's so brilliant to see the results so quickly.

Keep posting on here too, I love it, everyone is soooo nice!

Gemx :D
Had second weigh in this morning and have lost another 4lb:D and really chuffed as didnt think it would be this much. So thats 13lb in 2 weeks:eek: , cant believe how quickly the 2 weeks have gone.

Am starting work(sort of) next week so this will be the test, while all others are having their lunches - i'll be having a bar/tetra:rolleyes: . FIngers crossed i can carry on as i am, and the weight keep coming off;)

Well done on the weight loss. 13lbs in a fortnight is FAB!!!!

Just keep reminding yourself of your holiday in Florida when you start work and you'll have no trouble staying strong!! :)