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:)... hi everyone...i finished re feed two weeks ago and just to let you all know not put any weight on and doing ok ... in fact lost a couple of pounds .... but i do have a problem and i wonder if anyone has experienced this... ok last sunday i had my first sunday dinner all low fat and not a massive ammount ok ... bearing in mind i had been following re feed menus for 2 weeks ... but early monday morning i was woken with the most excruciating pains in my upper abdomen.. and eventually after a couple of hours (sorry bout next bit)! .. i was sick but very biley not really food ... now it eased off but stomach was still tender and felt crap all day ... thought it was just a one off but yesterday i made low fat lasagne.. and had a moderate portion not massive not really tiny.. and a bit of salad ... just as i was gettin ready to go out it happened again?? exactly the same thing!! ... so is it just the sort of food .. a bit heavy on the digestive system at the moment ? or portion size possibly bit too much ?did not feel that way when i ate it did not feel stuffed or anything .... just wondered if had happened to anyone else ... i will let you know how i fare .. so that others could be aware that you may have to re introduce some foods a bit more carefully .... on the other hand i am slightly concerned that ,have i done some sort of damage to insides being on this diet??:eek:... be grateful for advice or feedback.... bye for now sharon.... xx
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Hey hun,
If I was you I'd phone your pharmacy, and if they are not helpful ring Lipotrim directly. I know some of the people during/after refeed have felt bloated, but never heard about someone getting sick. It sounds to me more like a bug, or food poisioning, especially since you're throwing up bile like stuff not food. Keep an open mind on the cause, and if it doesn't resolve in a few days go see a doctor.



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Hi hunni,
Your food choice does sound a bit rich and also i would check portion size.. an ideal portion is the size of your fist! Dont forget your stomach has shrunk and is also not used to rich food, as all the refeed and LT stuff is very bland! Hope it gets better for you xx


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First well done on keeping the weight off. It hard i know.
Sharon i'm no expert but if it was a biley sort of vomit that kinda tells me u have a bug in ur tum. If i were u i would starve myself 4 24 hours and then only eat very small portions of dry toast. Then see how u are. If u don't starve the bug it just grows and grows and spreads through everyone in ur house.
I hope it has nothing to do with the diet just check with the chemist anyway. Let us know how u are.


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hi... yeah i am just fine .. the foods were not rich foods .. nictastic on re feed you can have spag bol .. so lasagne is almost same and i made it low fat ... when i had sunday lunch no fat again and low fat gravy no yorkshire or roast spuds ... but i am in agreement with portion size ... because for the re feed menus its fish 6 oz or chicken 6 oz you sort of know how much that is cos u get used to size .. but yep i reckon just a tad too much and wallup really bad indigestion ..sort of ... it isnt a bug cos its not that sort of pain... so portion control i can do:) now i realise just that little bit more causes that uncomfortable pain..i wont do it again... in a way i am sort of glad it showed me not to eat over my limit so a bit like a "serves you right "thing eh though to be honest neither meal was massive! ... anyway thanks for replies ... still no weight gain so good stuff ...:D hope you are all ok and i will check in again soon ... thanks and ta ra... sharon..... x