Hi everyone, I'm starting Slim Fast today, well a mixture of CD & Slim Fast.

I was on CD for about a month and lost 1st, but my problem is next week my CDC goes away and wants me to buy a months worth of packs, which on cannot afford on top of Christmas.

So I thought I'd mix the rest of my CD Packs I have, about 2 weeks worth, with a Slim Fast shake in the evening. I'm having 3 days off the diet anyway over Christmas and then getting back into the swing of things.

I'm then thinking of having Slim Fast and a small meal starting the Monday after Christmas, by which time all my CD packs will have been used anyway. I won't be wanting any of the snacks, I've got use to just the 3 packs a day anyway.

Does anyone see any problems in using Slim Fast with CD?
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SF doesn't contain all of the vits and minerals that the CD Packs have so you could have a problem there. hopefully a CDC will pick this up x


Thanks 30Flirtygirl, I could always take a mulit vit to compensate.

If i'd have known earlier that my CDC was going to be away then I could have bought a couple extra each week, but £160 is a bit much for me the week before Christmas.


Is a woman on a mission.
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I think Slimfast has more sugar in it than Cambridge, so you may suffer from a few more cravings but I am sure it will be okay as a short term thing.

Good luck x x