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OIIIIIIIII!!!!!! :busted:Step away from the butterflies mr!!!!!!!!!!:flamingmad:


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I can't help but say. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Mm haha I love cakes! But step away tubby ;0) xx

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don't do it!! you'll regret 'em.. imagine they dropped them all on the floor or didn't wash their hands or anything that puts you off them! lol put them in their lunch boxes for the morning and get rid of them that way! ;)

Having 3 girls who love to bake I know the problem!
Stay strong.


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Maybe have 1 as a treat, if you have been good, and you know you can stop at one (always my downfall that!)

DH was baking his bread last night, now I don't really like homemade bread (especially wholemeal stuff!) but man the smell went for me and I was sooooo hungry - he's promised next week he will wait and put it on when Im at work and the whizz round with air-freshener before I get home to take the smell away!!


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mmmm yummy cake!!!!!!!! probably not helping... i mean EWWW CAKE!! LOL

lunar jim

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Heh, had a couple of days away from the forum. Good news: I didn't touch the cakes :D They did smell yummy though lol

Today I've had a bar for brekkie, ham salad for lunch (complete with extra light salad cream and pita), a packet of walkers lights crisps (ok 115 cals but hey) and planning on a shake for dinner plus a snack with my cuppa on the sofa tonight so I should be ok. I've basically had similar all week so fingers crossed I should lose a couple of pounds this week hopefully :p


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Know how you feel with this. My daughter went to her grandparents after nursery today. She came home with a pack up box full of chocolate crispie cakes! She wanted me to try it so i had a nibble and gave the rest to my OH. If i had one i wouldnt bloody stop!

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Haha !!! You should do what I do when I buy cakes !! I pop them straight in the freezer, got Reeces Pieces topped chocolate cream cakes in there at the mo, and I'm not tempted. Outtta sight is outta mind !!!!

Diva x