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High Blood pressure on CD?


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I thought having lost three stone I'd check my blood pressure (as it's normally been top side of normal or sometimes a bit high when I was overweight). Did it this morning and it 139/94 with pulse of 64!!! I hadn't been rushing around and I know the machine is accurate as it's been checked against the GP's.

I'll check it again over the next couple of days before I start panicing, but has anyone else noticed anything similar? I'd expected to get a lovely low reading now my BMI is almost 26 rather than 34. :(
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You have to remember that slim people get hypertension too!!!
My sister who is every slim has had hypertension for many years, I also have a friend who is slim, and he has just started on antihypertensives.
it is not only being overweight that causes problems.
Personally mine is more stable and my cholesterol has come down, I have both checked because of family history.
Do keep an eye on it, but don't presume that CD will have caused it. It may have happened anyway. At least if you do have a problem your body will have a lot less stress on it and you will be healthier to cope with it.



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You have to remember that slim people get hypertension too!!!
That's what worries me. Normally my BP drops back down when I've lost a bit of weight, but it doesn't seem to have done this time. There's a huge amount of heart disease in my family - my Dad had his first heart attack at 35. Both his parents had heart disease. One of Dad's brothers had a heart attack in his 40's and another had a stroke in his 50's, and that's just his side of the family!

I'll keep on eye on it & speak to my GP if it doesn't improve.

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