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Highlights & lowlights of 2009


I will succeed!!!
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Well, 2009 is drawing to an end...and I was curious to how you were all feeling about saying goodbye to another year?

So...what were your low points and high points of the year?

My lowlights:

  • OH's Mum having a longer than expected fight with her cancer - she was very poorly for a lot of this year, but luckily is on the mend now.
  • Betrayed by someone I thought I could trust. Enough said
  • The floods recently
  • Flat sale falling through in January costing us a lot of £££ until recently and causing stresses
  • Horrid job...eugh
My highlights:

  • Getting engaged to the man of my dreams who I adore with all my heart :)
  • My sister getting engaged
  • My sister getting pregnant :)
  • OH's Mum coming out of the other side of the cancer fight
  • Getting a new job offer (though still not in post yet)
  • Selling flat finally!
2009 wasn't as good as it was hoped in the end overall - it's been more trying than I thought. But, a lot of good has started that will carry through to next year. 2010 looks to be like a year to remember and I am determined to make it remain that way!

Things to look forward to in 2010:

  • Friend's getting married (x2)
  • Planning my wedding
  • My sister giving birth
  • Starting new job (ok, it might be as late as October, but still something to look forward to)
  • One mortgage! Woo!
  • My parents are moving to live closer
  • Getting to T -m cause I will!
So here's to us all saying goodbye to 2009 feeling happy - even if it's been a tough year let's try to look at the good - and here's to a brill 2010!!!

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What a great idea for a thread,am going to have to do some thinking about what my list will be tho !!
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Brilliant thread Sticky,

low points

having knee opp in febuary
being in pain since febuary
having to have knee replaced again in March 2010!
mum being in and out of hospital
dad being in and out of hospital
not having any income since sick pay finished.

high points

daughters prom
mum and dad getting out of hospital
having wonderful friends who have kept me sane
having a fabulous birthday
a beautiful family who I love
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My lowlights:

  • Loosing my friend to cancer.
  • Money stress due to car(s).
  • Having a heart scare.
My highlights:

  • Getting our first mortgage.
  • Finding this website and speaking to you lovely people.
I'm sure there is other things but can't think of anything else right now!
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- ending the year with no savings
- my brother struggling with some mental health issues
- my mothers marrige breaking down
-crashing my car
- realising working in the beauty industry wasn't for me


-hitting target and staying at target 19 weeks this week.
-passing my driving test and theory 1st time
- making it to the final 6 in Young Slimmer of The Year.
- my sister getting engaged and having her baby
- becoming a qualified hairdresser
- my best friend finally getting the man shes always wanted, and then moving in with him
- being with joe <3 2 years next month.
- Getting Boo :D our beautiful sausage dog


looking forward to next year

- 2 years with Joe.
- hitting 1 year at target
- finding what i want to do with my life
- finally getting some savings and looking to move into our own house.
my 18th birthday.



I am one of the 63336
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Brilliant idea.


Meeting and moving in with my partner
My son getting on so well with my partner and his children
Finding I enjoy working with children and having a job doing it
Moving to a new warm, dry flat with lovely neighbours
Feeling like I have a proper family now as OHs parents so lovely


Money being a struggle
Living in a cold, damp flat (moved early Dec 2009)
Fights with letting agent for compensation
OHs ex being an absolute B**ch from hell


Silver Member
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Lack of money!
Leaving my old job - I really miss my old colleagues and the children.

My sister getting engaged
My holiday to Spain with OH
Starting my teacher training
Starting SW (and sticking to it!)

Looking forward to next year:
Becoming a qualified teacher
Finding a teaching post
Getting to target, hopefully early-ish next year.
  • not having lost very much weight this year
  • not curing my untidiness/disorganisation problem
  • still extravagant!
  • not having put on weight this year
  • starting tai chi classes
  • taking on more responsibilities for the U3A
  • learning how to use PowerPoint
  • running quiz mornings for the U3A (using the above mentioned PowerPoint)
  • preparing and giving a lecture about modern architecture (PP again)
  • working hard at the gym
  • reading many more books
  • enjoying my retirement
  • contacting an old friend
More good than bad. Problem with all of the above is that it sounds a bit smug. But I am happy to have got past the problems I had with being retired, and adjusted to my new life.


Lover of Extra Easy
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  • My OH was retrenched
  • My brother in law passed away
  • My father in law passed away
  • My sister in law has just been dianosed with terminal cancer
  • I was laid off

  • My 3rd son got married
  • My youngest son got engaged
  • My OH has a part time job (better than nothing)
  • I rejoined SW, am 1.5 pounds from my 2 stone award and 3 pounds from target
  • I have an interview next week

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