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Hints and tips please

Hello everyone.
I started lipotrim this morning. Everything went well and I thought the shakes and soup was quite tasty ( I know I'm a weirdo).
I'd just like to ask how much water should I be drinking a day not including shakes and stuff.
Also is there a limit to the amount of tea of coffee one can drink.
Thanks xxxxxxxxx:D
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And welcome. well done for getting started

No limit to tea and coffee without milk and sugar , tea has to be leaf (peppermint, nettle or regular) - the recommendation is that you stick to whatever amount you are used to and in terms of caffiene or decaf.

Generally I only drink coffee as i don't like tea without milk and I take caffiene every time - usually about 8 -10 cups a day but when I started i was up to 15 cups !!

Water is essential and basically its recommended to take 4 litres a day. The more you take the better your loss will be. I've also read somewhere that it helps with the elasticity of your skin which has to be a good thing.

Do check in here regularly as the support is fab.

Cheers :)
I'd endorse everything Julie has said.
Also a welcome and good luck from me.
:welcome: Keep posting, and if you feel you're struggling, jump on here and we'll lend support. xx


is loving the soup?!
Hello and welcome hon xxx
Welcome and good luck! I go for 3-4 litres of water a day, on top of the shakes.
I try and drink as much water as possible, never less than 5 pints on top of what you are having with your shakes and other hot drinks. Just keep a filled water bottle with you at all times and you will soon be racking up your pints / litres..
Keep at it... you will get there

mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!
Just wanted to say hi as I also started lipotrim this week, am on day 3 now and finding it a bit harder today but still not as bad as I thought it would be!!
How are you finding it now?
I have just started week 3, I lost 15lbs in 2 weeks. I drink a lot of water as i have a horrible taste in my mouth. Peppermint tea also helps. when i first read the literature regarding water consumption , i misunderstood the figures and drank 8 litres instead of 5. My counsellor warned me that 8 litres could make me ill. So I am confused as to how much is too much.........
Drink between 4 - 6 litres a day as the more you drink, the more you shrink. But dont go overboard, it can be dangerous!

Welcome and good luck! x
Welcome to you all and good luck.

Sip your water throughout the day rather than trying to drink too much too soon. I usually drink about 4L excluding any coffee I drink or the water in my shakes. I make the shakes with about 400ml of water.

If you fancy a change from the shakes then try making the vanilla or chocolate one with coffee added (latte/mocha) or the choc with peppermint tea (choc mint). I love the latte for breakfast!

Blimey I didn't realise that the water you use in your tea doesn't count towards the 3 to 4 litres.
It does count towards your intake it's just me! I don't count it coz I'm lazy!!!! I can never remember how many mugs of coffee I have but I do make a note of how many bottles of water I get through.

phewww I have so upped it tonight thinking I had to catch up I am swimming lol
Ooophs, so sorry to worry you, I didn't mean to! However, if you drink a lot of caffeine then I think that helps retain fluid but I'm not totally sure about that. I stick to decaff coffee coz I have enough trouble sleeping without adding caffeine to the equation!!!

lol is OK fairy I don't scare too easy and I don't seem to fancy the caffeine like I used to xxx
I used to love a cuppa, but hate it without milk!!! Oh well, I'm lovely black coffee and bravely bought some peppermint tea bags to try today. Someone gave me a green tea bag but haven't tried it yet - though I really should!

I am enjoying peppermint...nettle and mint and green tea and green tea and mint...neer thought I would like them but I do:)
Might try a mint tea tomorrow then! Thanks for that. I do remember making nettle tea as a Girl Guide - in a billy can over an open fire with fresh nettles!!! Weak but nice with milk!


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