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hit a plateau!!!


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No idea Kes I'm afraid

I know you're watching your eating and doing the exercise.

Hmm maybe try changing the exercising? perhaps your body has adapted to what you are doing?
Not sure I can help much either except to offer support! Maybe stir things up a bit? Different foods/ different exercise? Or back to basics with calorie counting and such? Good luck anyway,

KB x
Hi Kes

I'm still a Xenical newbie....but back in my WW days I did used to plateaux occasionally, and it can be mighty frustrating, not to mention de-motivating :(

My old WW leader used to advise making a change to one aspect....it doesn't have to be a permanent change and it doesn't necessarily have to be drastic...just enough to trigger your body back into working FOR you rather than AGAINST you....either alter your exercise plan, or do something short-term but drastic to your food intake. Although certainly not recommended long-term, sometimes over-doing the food for a few days each week can tickle things along again (Google WW and the Wendy Plan - the idea is to massively go over your points on one day a week, then go well under a couple of days a week, just to wake your metabolism up)

My leader also always seemed to repeat the same saying, regularly - "if you do the same you'll stay the same"
So sometimes its good to break the routine and shake it up for a bit.

I hope some of that makes sense...and if you try it, that it works well for you.

Best of luck
Don`t really have anything to add to what has already been said, Sorry x

I also would change your diet or exercise just to give your body a kick start.

Good Luck



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thank you for all your advice.
ive decided to change what diet im on...
ive gone from Slim fast to Slimming world. so here is hoping that i will be able to get going again. ive paid for 5 more weeks, so if it doesnt work then ill try going back to slim fast and see if eating for 5 weeks kick started things and i start losing again from the shakes.

ive also upped my intensity of my workouts.. so heres hoping..
wish me luck!
x ***LUCK*** x


gunna be a fatty for ever
hey hun!

sorry ive only just seen this bit! Hope sw is going good for ya hunny!

good luck for mon hunnny

Hows it going Kes? xx


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yeah im not doing too bad. Lost 2lbs last week. And hoping for at least the same this week, but we are away at friends house this weekend, so i'll be gutted if ive screwed this all up.
well tahts good news so the change worked...

i liked the quote someone said "do the same and stay the same" very true.


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and how are you doing Pinnk???
im oing really good , its slower then it was at start obviously which can bring you down a lot but weightloss is there so im happy...

im now under 11 stone... & loving it... but still over a stone to loose 17lbs to go...
You're doing so well PiiNk :)
thankyou lets hope it continues for me & everyone else aswelll x

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