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Hitting Self Destruct........


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I'm starting a refeed tomorrow and have done really well not breaking the diet until now.

So why......did I eat a bit of my kids tortilla with ham and cheese then followed it by a chocolate krispie ?

I'm so disappointed in myself.

All day, I've had compliments about how well I'm looking for losing the weight. Why ruin it now ?

I've always been a comfort eater and I know I'm worried about re-eating tomorrow and how will I cope with food.

I think I need a big kick up the bum....

Do you think I should just start my refeed today and eat the good stuff or wait until tomorrow ?
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Can't comments on the refeed question, but maybe because, it is so near to the refeed, thats made you relax a little
I think you've done FABULOUSLY well, don't beat yourself up
good luck with whatever you decide to do about the refeed:)


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Don't worry these things happen, you lose control and you immediatley feel down but look at it for what it is its not an awful lot it will do no damage just carry on with your plans as normal its when we think oh what the heck and then go crazy, you have come on here and addressed it, its good that you are here and not ignoring what you have done. Keep strong:)
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LT is not only a diet to lose weight but its supposed to help you regain control and help you think differently about food. you knew it was wrong an for that split second you did lose control so you need to sit and think about what it was that made you do it and reconise the problem i think it sounds like a bad habbit showing its ugly head so regain control and do your refeed to the book else you will end up back here in ex amount of months saying you put so much back on and you dont want that do you? so think of this as a very slight slip and grab the bull by the horns again missus and take control .. YOU CAN DO IT, just start your refeed as planned xx


I will be skinny again!!!
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Its up to you chick!

Personnaly I would refeed tomorrow! So you can do it all properly


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Nobody is a Saint!! I am going to quote directly from the literature my pharmacy gave me about LT. I hope this will help you when you have your re-feed:
" Binge Control, There are times when a binge is theraputic. It is important to sanity. It is essential. Planning will limit damage. If the craving is for something specific, it is thought best (unless it is a trigger food) to just go ahead and have that food even if it is unsuitable. The reason is that you will probably eat everything else, find that it is still unsatisfactory and still eat the craved for food. Otherwise, plan ahead and have substitute, non destructive foods available foe emergencies. By planning ahead you can limit the damage. Use LT maintanance food to regain control or ask the chemist for help by re-doing the refeed week."..... You may have this already from your chemist. I dont think beating yourself up will help when you fall. What is good is that you recognise what you have done. LT have the solution for you. If you are prone to weaknesses (like me), plan ahead!!! Hope this helps. You will be fine... Keep going girl.;)
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Oh babes, well done for coming on here for one thing. I agree with Chelly, start to refeed asap and I pray that you will have a much better attitude around food from now on in.......just keep focusing on" That food is not going to taste as good as I feel now that I am slim!" Please let that be your mantra OMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!


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S: 14st12lb C: 12st4lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 31.5 Loss: 2st8lb(17.31%)
Thanks for all your replies.

I went to bed for an hour yesterday afternoon when DH came home from work.

Also had an early night and have woke up this morning totally refocussed again and ready to start my refeed.

I think I just was a bit overwhelmed at the thought of food yesterday and to be honest am so scared of overeating. But as my mantra is "One day at a time" Well that is what I will do.

Have had a big glass of water this morning and my vanilla shake. Chicken is defrosting at the moment for my salad tonight.

Hope everyone else as a good day.

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