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Hitting the wall!!


longs to be average!
OK, today is the day where I have hit the wall with this diet. The mere thought of having another food pack or another glass of water is making me really frustrated and, I guess, angry.

All I want to do is eat, what's good is that I don't want cakes or chocolate or biscuits or anything that I used to eat. But I want a roast dinner with veg and trimmings, or a sausage casserole would go very well at the moment. Really not sure if I will be able to see this through to the end. Or rather, not sure I want to see this through to the end.
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days like this are really tough but you can get through it and you will feel much better about the whole thing soon.
Try eating your packs in a different way, cooked - muffin, popadoms, shakes made with ice, mousse etc. Or try some different packs again next week. Your tastes will change and stuff you didnt like to begin with may now be a favourite (like me and vanilla shakes)

You can do this corey!
sil x


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I know what you mean.. Chocolate is not something i want.. or biscuits.. or cakes or anything like that.. im dying to just be able to sit own and eat a plateful of asparagus.. and mushrooms.. and carrots.. etc..
Its hard isnt it.. But we know its worth it in the end.. no matter how fustrated we get.. (unfortunitly).. lol..
And i know you can do it.. i have no question of the fact you can do it.. *hugs*.. just keep on keeping on doll..
x x x


longs to be average!
I don't think it is so much the flavours I am bored with but the textures, actually I guess to some extent it is the flavours, we are restricted to a few soup flavours and a few sweet flavours. Have tried making the muffins - they made me gag, I don't like the popodoms (probably because I simply detest the soups, although they were my favourite when I started) I like making the shakes into custards, and I like it as an ice cream. But perhaps what I really am missing is the sitting down and spending time with my OH and family and friends and enjoy a nice meal. It's no fun sitting there with a shake or bar watching others eat what you can't have - that is torture.


Striving for slimness
OK, today is the day where I have hit the wall with this diet. The mere thought of having another food pack or another glass of water is making me really frustrated and, I guess, angry.

All I want to do is eat, what's good is that I don't want cakes or chocolate or biscuits or anything that I used to eat. But I want a roast dinner with veg and trimmings, or a sausage casserole would go very well at the moment. Really not sure if I will be able to see this through to the end. Or rather, not sure I want to see this through to the end.

Think I'm exactly where you are at the minute corey, just the thought of having another food pack makes me feels sick. Just want to be normal

Sounds like you are missing the normality of eating which is a completely natural emotion. Days like these have a habit of creeping up on you and catching you unawaress but they do normally pass and you come out the other side with renewed enthusiasm. I know this isn't much help to you at the moment but please just give it a little longer before making any decisions about whether to continue as the feelings made subside.

AWww, now cheep up folks. These days ARE hard - but - they are not our future.....they are simply our now- AND will pass. Nothing worth acheiving comes easily. Just remind yourselves of all the benefits yo have been speaking of lately - smaller clothes, compliments, feelings of well being and self confidence - realising triggers and seeing that all important light switch on at last - these are allll GOOD things. And we would not be enjoying them if we were not puttin in the hard graft.

This is temporary - we WILL enjoy meals with our loved ones again, and I know how much you miss that - I do too. Breaking bread can be one of life's nicer moments. But in the future, we wil be breaking bread and not feeling guilty for eating it.

Try to find a distraction, to get your mind of it. Get mad if that helps. Hell, no one WANTS to do this. But we are, and we are committed...everyone of us has the committment it takes to be successful - but those inner voices will STILL try to break u.....don't let them. Stay in control, focus, imagine the rewards at the end.....and don't give up!!! That will make you feel worse then you did before we started this - and who wants to go lower then what we felt then??

Not me!!!

Chin up pups!!! Just get through the day, and tomorrow will look brighter. There is not that much longer that we need to do this. Even me, with 7 more stone to go - that is SO SHORT A TIME - compared to the time I have spent already in my life stuffing myself and hating myself. Its a blink of an eye in the whole big picture. ;)


Striving for slimness
yeah I think that's it with me too porgeous. Just feel left out and missing just eating and being normal. *sigh* think might just go to bed early tonight and try and forget about it. Hope you feel better soon corey, stick with it, cos I intend to even though feel awful today. I hate bloody easter right now
:wave_cry::jelous:I feel the same today as my mum has cooked my family their easter dinner. Really love easter with all the lovely food. Iam scared that when I do eat, because I have been deprived that I will make a pig of myself. We had a friend round today and he commented on how well I look but I haven't told him Iam abstaining. He would think Ive gone mad, feel like I have a bit.:cry:
Now come on you lot get focused, you dont wanna give up you are just fed up and quite rightly so. Please dont give in as it will be sooo hard to get back on track again, believe me I speak from experience.

I have mucked around for a couple of weeks and today, hopefully, will be the first day I have got back 100% on track.

So really think hard, remember how it feels when you get weighed and they say 2-4lbs off who hooo. Rember how it feels when someone notices you have lost loads of weight and they are amazed how better you look. Remember how you feel now you get in the bath and fit, remember so many better things that have happened since you started.

You will get there but allow yourself to feel miserable but dont cheat it isnt worth it.

Good luck all of you - oh and remember all the things you told me when I felt like giving up, it is all you lot that have stopped me straying completely.;) Thank you
cheers LL but it doesn't help when the kids have been given loads of giant easter eggs, but you are right, I think we are generally feeling deprived because its easter, tomorrows another day eh!!


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I know it sounds daft, but all that chocolate, sunday dinners, food etc will still be there when you reach goal..........

I just keep telling myself that as far as I know there is no major food shortage, and shops will still have all that yummy stuff when I'm a size 10/12...........and maybe just maybe by that time I won't want it anymore...hey who knows.......but what I do know is that I want to reach my goal in the fastest time possible and I don't want to get way laid by anything in the meantime.......the sooner I get to my goal, the sooner I can re-enter the land of the living and start to enjoy being around food again......

I am so looking forward to sitting down with my family and friends, looking good and feeling good and feeling in control of my life and in control of the amount of food I eat....rather than the other way round......no bloody food in the world will EVER control me again.......for once in my life I am in control!

Climb over that wall hun and see what lies on the other side.......don't allow anyone or anything to thow an obstacle in your path...and if you can't get over that wall right now, you have loads of people willing to give you a leg up and help you over it!

Be kind to yourself and stay strong!

This week has been like that for me too Corey. If it wasn't for my DH, DD &DS complimenting me and saying that I have come so far and to chuck it all in for a roast potato or chocolate, it just isn't worth it. It suprised me how they all came together as a pack and did it! Then they went away and came back singly and said it all again! LOL! Then mini's helped me, Dancing said something that gave me a kick in the pants too. Look at your end goal, its not too far away. Life is much longer than that.
God we have all got it bad haven't we, we will have to come back here in the summer and read our miserable threads with a smile, but it does seem a long way off though. Anyway the clocks go forward next week lighter nights.
I have really struggled today - i made my OH, kids and in-laws a roast dinner with all the trimmings, and for the first time i tried a new Yorkshire Pud recipe and they turned out truly enormous!!!:eek:

Then i did a bread and butter pudding made with hot cross buns, lemon marmalade and my own home made custard.

I could have killed for one and just sat at the table with my water. I could not even face a food pack i was so depressed i could not have any.

In saying that I loved the cooking and feeling of achievement. I have some batter left over so am making some more yorkies now for my OH and kids for tomorrow.

But i am struggling and can feel a pattern coming on when i am just having a nibble of this or that and it HAS TO STOP!!!:whoopass::banghead::argh::gen147:


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really sorry to hear that you are all struggling at the moment... I really hope it gets better for you all and you succeed in losing what you want to lose. Just remember, this isn't forever, just a brief spell in your life... I know I have at least another 7 months on LL (I've already done 18 weeks) but I keep myself on it by focussing on little targets and the overall picture... my year without food will be so worth it... I'm sure your abstinence stage will be too. I wish you all good vibes :)


longs to be average!
Hi Gals, thanks for all your comments, and I do feel so much better now. Had a text message from a friend of mine earlier, and have just planned to go out for a meal at the end of May for my "big reveal". That has really given me something to aim for (and look forward too) especially as we are in the last week of March, and from next Tuesday will be thinking that I am going out for dinner next month. Seems to make everything so much closer. I am still aiming to be on RtM at the end of April, and nothing is going to get in my way. So will definately be going to the Gym tomorrow for a mini workout. Have got to get into the habit of going to the gym now so that when I am off the diet, I will keep going. Am wondering now if my weight loss this week had something to do with my visit to the gym last week? Could 1 visit affect weight loss????? Will find out this week I guess!

Anyways - thanks again guys, you've been a huge help.

Glad to read you're feeling brighter now Corey - I think big occasions such as Easter do make what we are doing stand out more and make us seem more cut off but the way that I'm looking at it (and did so while I could hear my hubby and kids laughing and joking around the dinner table while I was in the other room) - is that I'm cutting myself off for a short time (29 weeks) in a drastic way rather than cutting myself off in a less obvious way for what could be the rest of my life...... kind of puts it all in place for me.

Keep your chin up guys and girls and stay strong xx

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