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Hiya from Wolverhampton :)


I'm new to MiniMins and new to the Cambridge Diet, but definitely not new to trying to lose weight :/

I started Cambridge last Sunday and had a weigh-in on Friday where I'd lost 6lb :)

I'm still waiting for the energy surge a lot of people report as I still feel lethargic and tired at the moment, but I'm not feeling hungry or particularly deprived.

I'm doing the SS+ option with the meal at the end of the day, which helps I think though since I eat fish and not meat the prawn bill is pretty high!

I've tried a good range of the products in the last week; I found the porridge to be universally awful, but the soups are largely fine and the chocolate shake is not bad but vaguely medicinal tasting...this week I got the shake tetras and really like the chocolate one when made up to a big drink with hot water...the strawberry one is vile though! Glad I only bought one as that got thrown away!

The only thing I'm struggling with at the moment is the want of something crunchy or really chewy - I hope next week I can get some bars to help with that!

Nic x
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Hi, I'm from Brum. I've been doing this diet on and off since 2006, and once briefly back in the 80s. Never actually completed the maintenance bit though, hence yo-yoing all the time.

I usually go straight in to SS so get my energy surge on about day 4/5, so yours will probably be a day or two later than that. I love the porridge but I think I'm a bit odd as my counsellor tells me that she only buys it in for me :) Hope you're enjoying it, 6lb in a week is good going!



not giving up
Hiya from St Helens


I'm just through my first week too but I am doing ss.. I got the energy surge last Wednesday but don't worry you're not missing much as i went through hell the day before lol.

I have also tried every diet under the sun but this one I am sticking too. I hope you don't give up stick with it just set your mind on a nice outfit for Christmas and it will be worth it plus you have already lost 6lbs which is fab. Thanks for the advice on the Tetras as I haven't had them yet and I have to have them next week as I am taking my nan to hospital for treatment all week so I have no option, looks like i will be on the choc then. I can only just bear strawberry shake at the best of times but I am guessing the CD ones must be rank and I will give them a miss.

Stay strong and I look forward to your next weight loss update xx
Hiya :) I feel much more energetic now than I did but am still getting tired easily :/ I can cope with that though.

I had my second WI last night and lost another 4lb :)

I added a spoon of coffee with a bit of hot water before adding the choc tetra and topping with hot water too and it made a nice mocha :)

Hope you're doing well!
Lesley, yes I think you're odd too! :) I really found it awful :eek:

I am enjoying it actually, it's nice not to have to think about food except for once a day, and good to have fairly strict boundaries as to what I can eat.
Lol yes, I think I must be. I also like my tetras semi-frozen and my soups highly spiced with chill powder. I like your idea of a mocha though. Will give it a go tomorrow.

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