Hiya - New to SW, new to minimins!


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Hi all

So I thought the polite thing to do would be to introduce myself :)

I've done WW many times before but started SW three weeks ago - and I've already lost 8.5lbs!

I'm really impressed with it so far. I've lost more in the past week than i did in the last year (Oct 14-Oct 15) of doing WW where I just couldn't get into it. I was going to rejoin WW but wasn't impressed, frankly, that they'd changed the points system yet again.

My husband and I cook from scratch most of the time so this has fit really well so far into our family life.

2 stone to lose in total. See you around :)
Hi there.. Welcome to the forum.

My D and GrandD both lost their weight following the WW plan which is a great regime.
Personally I prefer to calorie count, in fact I'm rather addicted to it!

Well done on the loss so far and I'm sure that 2 stone will soon be gone especially as you have your husband support as well.
Well done! :0clapper: