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Thoroughly Determined
Just thought I'd say hello!

I'm a 22 guy that's decided that after spending all of his teens and early 20s obese, with low-confidence that I need to lose weight.

I tried SW last year and totally gave up as it wasn't really for me, as I hate vegetables and most fruits!

This time on WW, under the guidance and help of my friend, who co-incidentally isn't really that helpful! :)

Anyway - nearly at the end of my first week and feeling pretty cool, and looking forward to a slim summer next year! :D :p
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On A Mission!
HI hbb!! Hope it goes well with WW, but if you are really off fruit and veg have you considered a low carb high protein diet? Might be more down your street, but it does help if you really like meat fish and cheese :)


Thoroughly Determined
Unfortunately I don't really like anything - I'm the world's fussiest eater. I don't really like cooking, or to be honest eating, all I really like is unhealthy, so I'm trying to change my ways.

I would quite happily become a vegetarian as I don't really like eating meat - but I hate veggies even more.

I'm a huge snacker, so just trying to cut that out too! :)


Thoroughly Determined


Thoroughly Determined
I'm really quite a technologically minded person, so i've made a kinda super-duper Excel spreadsheet that tells me how many points i've eaten in the day, how many I have left, what my total saved is for the week and how many points I've had overall.

I've been making sure this has been filled in every day before bed, or I'll forget! haha

Basically, my lunchtimes are either a ham sandwich (4), monstermunch (1.5) and a banana (1), or Tomato Soup (3.5) and two slices of bread (2.5).

For tea, I work at Wetherspoons at the moment, and being broke and penniless and getting 50% off the food I tend to go for either the Chicken strips which are 6 points for 3 strips (however I've worked this out using their nutritional guide and that includes the mayo/reggae combo too I think), but I hate mayo and reggae so I just have the strips which are great slightly colder! or the Wetherspoons Spag bol is 8.5 for quite a big, nice portion!

My favourite treat at the moment is Jelly and Ice Cream which is 2 points (according to the NI) or funsize malteasers (2).

When I get a bit more money (I'm a trained teacher with a job, but can't start because my CRB STILL hasn't been cleared) I'll have to try and start eating Salad, at least forcing myself to try it.

I like WW because it doesn't necessarily reward you for eating green stuff, and you can lose weight without it. I just try to eat fruit in place of it - lots of Fruit bags were out of date today at work. Nom nom! :)

Ben ;)


Thoroughly Determined
Thanks Chesca, good luck to you too! :) x
hi and :welcome: to minimins! Wishing you the very best of luck on your weight loss journey!
Hi ! I'm new too :) although I'm on slimming world not WW, tried WW before but felt like I had to eat far too much, felt sick half the time trying to shove down the amount of points they gave me. Anyway I'm more motivated now and it looks like you are too !! Good luck :) I'm not used to forums either so I might never find this thread again.... haaa.......


Thoroughly Determined
If you click the "User CP" button on the top left you can see all of your thread notifications, from the threads you've posted in!

Good luck with you weight loss journey too! :D

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