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HLV's Battle with Mr Cupcake Man

Hello everyone! :grouphugg:

I'm new to this forum and to SW but I'm fairly experienced in the dieting world. I thought it would help me to start a weight loss diary where I can be completely honest with myself. I want to be able to look back at my posts and see how far I've come and what I've achieved.

I have a bad habit of becoming lazy and unmotivated when I diet. It appears my brain is home to an evil cupcake who smears icing all over the walls and leaves a trail of sprinkles behind him in an attempt to force me back to the dark side and sabotage my efforts :eek:. Well not this time Mr Cupcake man! There will be no more lying to myself, no more excuses and no more binges. I'm determined to lose the weight this time and keep it off for good.

I should probably start by saying a bit about myself... I'm a 21 year old vegan living in London. I've just finished a Film and Screenpractice degree and I'm currently unemployed and desperate to work. Unemployment has not been good for me, I have no routine, no motivation and I've spent most of my time watching Jeremy Kyle and eating crap...alone. I'm looking forward to starting SW as it will get my eating back on track and it will get me out of the house and around people.

I've decided to try the diet without joining the group so I can make any mistakes now while I'm not getting weighed! I will be visiting my best friend MadameLaMinx next week and I'm very lucky to have her support as I'll be joining her group for one class and then I will transfer to a group nearer my flat when I'm back in London. This is a huge relief for me as I suffer from anxiety and the very thought of going to a place I don't know, full of people I've never met to learn about something completely new is absolutely terrifying. So scary in fact that we shall move on from thinking about this until nearer the time :eek:

So far I've done 10 days following the SW plan and I've really enjoyed it. The Green plan suits my diet and I've not found myself missing anything. I have struggled to get many syns in though, most of the foods I love are free! I've been eating spag bol, chilli, SW chips, smash pizza and breakfast, I've been eating breakfast!

I decided to weigh myself yesterday so I can see if there has been an improvement when I go to a SW class and I am the heaviest I have ever been. I weighed in at 236lb. I'm not sure what my target will be as I've been overweight for so long now that I don't even know what a healthy weight for me would be. I'm hoping I can talk that over with someone at SW, but I will update with a list of goals when I know what I'm doing.

Think I should wrap this up for now,
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Goshdarnit write 18 more posts so I can send you private messages!!!

Tell me how tall you are and I will look in the book and find what would be the "healthy" range they advise.
Also, if you have a clue about what your postcode is, or will be, you can look up where the nearest groups are on the SW website so you can work out when your first "go home" meeting will be.

AND, can you believe that the day you go back is bloody sports day again? How have we managed that?
Goshdarnit write 18 more posts so I can send you private messages!!!

Tell me how tall you are and I will look in the book and find what would be the "healthy" range they advise.
hahaha, I'm trying! I'M TRYING! I'm posting like a madman!

I'm 5ft6 :)

Also, if you have a clue about what your postcode is, or will be, you can look up where the nearest groups are on the SW website so you can work out when your first "go home" meeting will be.

AND, can you believe that the day you go back is bloody sports day again? How have we managed that?
I've already done that! It's on a Tuesday morning or afternoon, so only the day after you, fits in nicely I think and I'll be back from my flatmates wedding in Devon.

WHATTHEHELL?!!? That's mental, it's because I'm weirdly always around for your little ones birthdays :D
I only realised today when I was looking at the homework sheets and saw that there was "dates for the diary" at the bottom.

Am currently being drowned by the kids in the bath at the moment, will have a look in the book when I am in a dry environment. I'm not actually IN the bath, but I might as well be!
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Right. Have looked in the book. The absolute minimum that SW would accept as a personal target for you would be 8st12. The healthy range for your height is somewhere between there and 11st. So, if you were to aim to be 11st, then you would be looking at a target in lbs of 154. 10st - 140lb, 9st- 126lb.

Given your more than ample "assets", I think you would be barely into the top end before you looked "thin". So that might be a good place to aim for as a starting target. You are allowed to change your target if you get to the first one and think you might want to lose a bit more. Once you get to target though, if you stay within 3lb each way of it, you can go to group for free. If you go outside that, you have 3 weeks to get back to where you were or you have to start paying again.
Thanks Minxy!

If I change my target and then reach my new target can I go along for free then too?

I think I'm going to aim for 140lb and then see how I feel when I get there. Ah exciting, now I have numbers!! I should try and work out how much I want to lose for the Christmas challenge now :)
Yeah, as long as you have agreed the new target with the group leader, and you pay while you lose again, I think thats acceptable. But woah there tiger! Look at you with targets!

If you get to target and I get to target, we will have lost almost an identical amount to get to where we want to be. Give or take 2lb. I might lose an extra 2 so we can match XD
Ah, wont take long! 96lb might sound like a lot now, but when you break it down into 7lb chunks like SW does it will soon drop off you, and you'll get lots of shiny stickers along the way!

I half wish I had started SW right from the outset, I would have had loads of stickers!
Just got back from a trip to the theatre with my nan and her friends. The play wasn't particularly great but I was having a really nice time until we left and my nan's friends started talking. During the play one of the bigger members of the cast ran across the stage stark naked :eek:.

As soon as we left the theatre my nan's friends started talking loudly about how they 'felt slimmer', that they would have preferred one of the thinner members of the cast doing it and basically that she looked disgusting due to her weight. She wasn't much bigger than me and I was mortified that they were saying it in the first place, but worse that they said it so loudly :(. It really just served as a reminder as to why I want to lose this weight. Obviously I don't go running around stark naked, I'm not brave enough :D but I don't want anyone to make those kind of judgements about me or my body.

Food wise today went really well, managed to stick 100% to plan. I had the sudden urge to go running this evening but haven't brought my jogging gear with me, so I'm going to go into town and get some cheap jogging bottoms and go out for a run tomorrow. There's a nice park near here that will be much better for running than Putney High Street! Although last time I ran down there I was able to distract myself from my impending heart attack by dodging past the mass of commuters leaving the station.
Awww, it does annoy me when people prejudge others on their size, but some people just like to have something to complain about!! How brave of that cast member to take that part and do that, I know I couldnt. For one thing, the flapping noise from my stomach would drown out the lines!

Anyway, good for you for using that as a positive motivation but people that are important in your life really wont care what size you are, they will just like you as a person. You have to do this for yourself, not because of what people may or may not think of you. But you know that, and I dont have to tell you.

I bet Nans friend would LOVE to have the balls to do something like that but because it made her feel uncomfortable she picked on the size of the person rather than focus on the fact that she was uncomfortable with the nudity.
Thanks, you're right and yes, the woman was so brave. Maybe one day I'll feel comfortable enough to run round naked in public..though it may get me in a wee bit of trouble :eek:

Today was a really good day. I did a vegan red day today and actually I've ended up less hungry than I usually am. That might be because I was more busy today though. I'm finding it easier to get my healthy extra's and syns in, which is good. Means I'm understanding the whole plan a bit better!

Went into town and got some jogging bottoms which forced me to go jogging this evening. Mr Cupcake was trying to talk me out of it. I'm sure it was him who convinced me to start watching Alias, which usually stops me getting up for a good 5 hours, but I did it. I dragged myself out and feel much better for it now :D

Came home and had a lovely cold shower, got into my PJs and treated myself to a bowl of melon and strawberries. I shall collapse for the rest of the evening methinks.
Well I'm back from all my travels!

I started off with my visit to MadameLaMinx for a week, where I went to my very first SW meeting, had a brilliant time and got to see Pink live at Alton Towers. It was the most fun I've had in ages and I wish I could go back!

After my trip to the Minxes, I went to Plymouth for my flatmates wedding. This was a trip I was dreading for many reasons, and food was one of them. We were staying in a hotel so it would be difficult for me to prepare my own meals. I ended up bringing pot noodle in a mug packs, cereal bars, soya yogurts and lots of fruit. It all started off well until I got the most horrendous cold and sore throat. On the morning of the wedding I managed to get myself dressed and to the ceremony but by the time the reception came round I had lost my voice and had to retreat to my hotel room.

I'm not a great eater when I'm ill, I tend to gorge myself on crisps and biscuits. I went to the shops to look for healthy eats but as I only had the energy to get to the cornershop there really wasn't much choice. I stupidly bought some pringles, took them back with me, ate nearly half the tube and then felt awful about it. Must have eaten them a bit too quickly because I ended up being sick. I spent the rest of the evening having fruit and pot noodle in a mugs, hopefully I haven't done much damage.

Generally I've been doing really well, since the Pringle incident I've kept my syns to a low and I have my next meeting tomorrow. Very nervous as I'll be going it alone this time, but looking forward to what the scales say :D
So, I went on SW on Tuesday and I really like my new group! There were lots of people there, prizes for slimmer of the week, a raffle and people had brought food in to try! I only lost 0.5lb this week but I'm pleased it's not a gain after the Pringle incident!

I spent Tuesday night in a positive mood, going through my cupboards and clearing out all of the unhealthy things I've been hoarding. It looks much nicer now :D I'm moving out of my flat soon, so it's good to get rid of all of the rubbish before I have to start packing.

My mood the last few days has been really low and I'm struggling not to turn to food to make me feel better. I've been flat hunting and it's not going anywhere. Nowhere wants to accept housing benefit, even after I explain my situation of just finishing uni and looking for work. I actually got told I was 'too low end' for one estate agents :( The one place that would have taken us was a complete sh*thole and a perfect place we saw was more than our budget. I came back to my nans house exhausted and have spent all of today ringing up landlords to organise more viewings for tomorrow.

Eating on plan is difficult at my nans house as my nan just does not understand the plan. I've tried to stress that I'll cook with fresh foods, no oil etc but she keeps bringing back high syn processed foods. Today I managed to save myself from a 46 syn salad as the dressing was left on the side. I wanted to keep my syns to around 8-10 this week but it's so hard when I don't have much choice over what to eat. I've decided to have scan bran every day or so, eat some SS foods everyday and see how that works with my loss. I'm assuming my body magic doesn't need to be focussed on when I'm running all over London job hunting!
Went to WI today and lost a very reasonable 2lbs! So pleased! Also spoke to more people this week and was far more laid back, I really do love this group and hope I can afford to travel back here when I move into a new place.

I stocked up on the old scan bran so that I can do the scan bran challenge for a week. I've been preparing myself by having 2-3 a day lol and I think I'm ready.

Food has been much better since returning home, so much easier to control my syns! I'm pleased that I've stuck to plan this week, we ended up losing a perfect flat in Mitcham and I would usually run straight to the cupboards for comfort food, instead I looked at some more flats, watched some tv and went to bed early. Looking at a few places tomorrow and hope it goes well, first place we see that we like we're going to take straight away.

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