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Hmmm should i?

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So heres the thing, at class on tuesday my C asked me if i had ever thought about becoming a consultant. Its not the first time she has mentiond it to me, she keeps dropping me little hints, things like "oh i know you could do this" and pointing out the little leaflets that tell you about being a C. She has also been getting me to fill in for the social team when they have been busy, doing the sign-ins and weight-ins ect which i have very much enjoyed.
So on tuesday she told me that there is a "getting to know" evening comming up and she said that she thinks i should just go and see what its about.
Now i have to be honest, its has crossed my mind as something i would like to do but my issues fall with the fact that i am still rather close to the beginning of my journy. i have about 10 stone to loose still (give or take) and i dont know if people would take me seriously.
I know you could make the argument that it might be quite nice to be on the journy with the people in a class which i think would be supportive for them and me but i am still not sure.
Any words of wisdom? do you think i should give it a go or wait till i am futher on in my journy? :)

Heather :)
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It won't hurt to go to an Ops event. but don't let yourself feel pressured into doing it. Only when you're ready.

You don't have to be at target (as i understand it) to become a consultant.

(and no - i'm not a consultant - but very much like yourself - have thought about it in the past).
Its something I would love to do too and have discussed with my C. She thinks you are supposed to be at target before you apply but she also thinks you have to have a driving licence when really what you have to have is "use of a car". But I wouldnt want to do it before I got to target, firstly because it involves investment of money I dont have and secondly because I would want to be living proof that the plan works and an inspiration to the group.

Would be really interested to hear what happens at the evening meeting if you go!
Things to consider:

It is a lot of hard work. Some of it is physical work, like leafletting and also carrying all the equipment and boxes of paperwork, magazines, Hi-Fi bars, etc., from your house to the car and from the car to the venue.

There is money to be paid up front - not sure how much that is these days, but do ensure that you are quite clear about how much you will need to find.

You will have to find a venue for your class, and paying for that venue comes out of your income every week, no matter how many members turn up.

You will need to find another consultant to cover you for any holidays or other time off - not always easy.

You have to pay for all your publicity material and for the leaflets to be printed twice a year.

There is much less paperwork involved now that the system has been computerised, but you still need to spend some time on administration and you need to be very organised.

You need to be able to deal with people who are difficult - a minority, but there is at least one in every class! And you have to accept that members will ring/text/email you with enquiries at any time during the week.

I am not trying to put you off, but you do need to go into this with your eyes open.

I think it is a great idea to go to the meeting to find out more.

captain nemo

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how much investmentdo they want?, only out of interest
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If I am honest, when I went to a SW many years ago, the consultant was a very big lady and it put me off. I only went twice, partly though because I thought red and green was just not something suitable for long term (I love extra easy).

I think for me to be inspired by a C not at or near target, they would need to open every meeting with their loss/gain and a quick review of their week - if they did well all the time, great. That could end up putting too much pressure on your own weight loss or it may motivate you even more?

Why not go along and see what you think then.
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Go along and find out!
You don't have to be at target and you don't have to have a driving license, but you do need to be able to get to groups.
The Opportunity Event will give you all of the information that you'll need to be able to make an informed decision.
Avisk is spot on - there is a lot of work involved (apparently - I start my training to become a C in 3 weeks time) and you'll also need to re-invest some of your takings back into your business (so, you'll need the desire to want to develop and grow your groups).
Overall, if you really want to be able to help others and are prepared for some effort, then go for it!

Mrs V

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Ok, I attended a meeting last week.
You dont have to be at target, however they do prefer that you have lost a considerable amount before you take being a consultant seriously...you are standing in front of people encouraging them to loose weight after all...one thing to also think about with this is that as you are concentrating on your members your own journey can get put to one side...this is why consultants have to also have a weigh in. You have to practise what you preach!
As you are buying into a franchise, there is an initial outlay - its far more reasonable than it was 5 years ago! Budget for just over £1k.
As Avisk said, you will be required to do training and leafleting and promo work and if you dont have the time commitment then its not for you.
You get the chance to introduce yourself at the meetings and talk about you to the others and this is kind of an interview. If you succeed with this part, and you are still interested, you will get a follow up phone call and then it all starts from there!
I am really interested in becoming a Consultant, but unfortunately I just dont have the time to set aside for the start up at the moment. But I will do and I will follow that dream!

I hope this helps...pm me if you need any further information Hun.



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When our old cons was leaving she suggested I do it. So I looked in to it.

Think it was £500 to pay up front and unless you have a successful group it could take you a year to get your money back.
The group I would of taken had appox 15-20 people turn up each week some weeks more and some weeks less over chritsmas and the snow there was 3 of us! and by the time the cons had paid for the room some weeks she might make £20 and others she would be out of pocket she tried promoting paying for an ad in the paper paying for leaflets which all comes out of your own money.
£20 for a couple of hours work may seem ok but its not a couple of hours is it that is just at group there is a lot of time spent preparing for group promoting and admin.

Research it well as to where your group would be how many other groups in the area. Cant remember exactly how much you get but for each member that comes through the door but think its only £1 something. so you quite a lot of people to come just to cover the room. unless you can find one for free

Also another thing to keep in mind another thing my old cons told me was that her cons when she was doing SW kept telling her what a good idea it was and how she would make an ex cons ect. Turns out if you refer someone you get £££ so of course she was going to paint a pretty picture of it as my cons was leaving she told me truthfully what it was like
so just make sure you know all the pros and cons if you are commited and think you can build a group up then go for it but dont rush in blindly.

Our old group closed down because they couldnt get anyone to do it.
Oh and my new cons is not at target she has lost a lot of weight but is the same as everyone else in group still trying to lose weight :). she has a very successful group with over 50 turning up each week

Hope I havn't put you aff but this is the reason I didnt do it £500 is a lot of money to me and to not get a return on it for maybe a year was not an option

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