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Hmmm Very interesting


soon to be skinny minnie
Isn't it very interesting how over the last 4 weeks i have had good losses on the extra easy plan and this weekend i came off plan and to be honest didn't eat very much although what i did eat wasn't part of plan and i have gained 3lbs :eek::eek::eek:.

I am just one of those people who only need to look at food and gain weight. Or maybe it is because it came off at a reasonable pace it is going back on just as quick. But before xmas if i had a gain it was only like 1lb, nothing as drastic as 3:eek::eek:

Anyway i am back on track and i think i will cut back on the syns for a while, i had been having the whole 15 (sometimes one or 2 extra). So i think i will aim to have 12 syns per day and see how i go. Also i think i will introduce some exercise this week.

Sorry for the long ramble :eek: but i know you will all be on hand to help me. Hope you all have a good day xxx
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Im like you Huni...I darent even think about something fattening as I gain weight! Lol.
It will come off again and you really are doing so well. As long as you had a good weekend, dont let it bother you.
Reducing your syns from 15 - 12 will help you and so will a little exercise, if you have never done anything before, dont over do it and dont forget to stretch as you will suffer afterwards!!!

Good luck!



soon to be skinny minnie
Mrs V thanks, you always give good advice, i did have a great weekend but i think i will lay of the alcohol during my next couple of months, my oh says i could be retaining water due to the alcohol i drunk over the weekend. I am going to start off with a little bit of wii fit then gradually build up to my rosmary dvd . I used to do it 4 times a week years ago and it really helped me.

Pollyanna - thanks i will defo be going back to extra easy, i could probably cope with green but the thought of doing red and measuring my carbs, i couldn't cope knowing that i could be doing extra easy lol x


soon to be skinny minnie
:sigh:Well my plans to exercise have failed miserably, i was feeling very tired and weak, now my neck is all sore and i have big swollen glands
Oooo....take some paracetamol if you arent allergic to it...doesnt sound good Huni!

Hope you feel better soon...Im making myself get on the Wii Fit later havent been on for the week and feel like a slob!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Drink plenty of fluids Hun, and don't even think about exercise.
I'm giving up alcohol for Lent :eek: I know it's kyboshing my diet.


soon to be skinny minnie
Thanks girlies . Guess what, i started cooking some stewing steak at 11 this morning and it had been on all day, when it got to 4 i put the carrot and turnip to let it have a good cook by dinner time. Nearer dinner time i put on my potatoes and put the bisto into my stew. So i gave the wee one his injections then dished out the dinner. The potatoes were disgusting, they were really sweet and watery and the stew was as tough as old boots and the turnip was solid. Nobody could it eat it it was disgusting. So my mum who stays a couple of doors down gave the wee one his dinner as he had his insulin and had to eat there and then. Anyway my oh has just gone to the chippy, i want chips and buttered rolls and ice cream and a big bar of dairy milk with caramel. I don't feel very well so i don't care. I will get back on track tomorow and draw a line under the horrible weekend and tonight.

Oh and my baby girl has an immunisation tomorow but i'm not sure if she can have it as she has the cold, can anyone advise??? xx
Enjoy the chips and caramel for all of us!

Don't bother taking the baby for her injections tomorrow if you think she's not well. It doesn't matter if they get them late and to be honest if the nurse thinks she has a cold she probably wouldn't give them her anyway. And if you feel crappy its best you don't bother venturing out in the cold either.
hope u feel better soon hun, ive had a desasterous week too and i weigh in tonight.. draw a line under it and move on.. also wouldnt worry about going for the babys imms, leave it till next week when shes better

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