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hmmm what to do


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S: 17st7lb C: 16st7lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.4 Loss: 1st0lb(5.71%)
I'm going away for work and pleasure til december. I still have 40 pounds to lose, and I always meant to practice maintaining until January. Thing is, I've been maintaining this past week- but not really- I've had a shake or flapjack for breakfast and lunch, then nice dinner also wine occasionally......
Anyway last week I bought 42 shakes and 42 fjs in order to continue in this way cause it works.
BUT my plan was to go cold turkey and maintain, let my body tighten up, hair sort self out, extra nutrients etc. - and just see how I'm doing with normal life.
It also seems a bit silly to carry LT half way around the world. AND might be hard to get it through customs.
Shall I risk it or just try to exist without LT? Also - how will I manage without you all, my invaluable support forum friends?
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Hmmm Sorry! i really wouldn't know what to do either! maybe a good idea if you spoke to someone at LT itself,they may be able to advise you on wether you can actually take your fjs & shakes abroad etc....anyway good luck with whatever you decide to do!! caz xx


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Another idea (should you want to continue with LT) is to phone the airline to see if they would allow it through customs. I have read that other people have taken their stuff away with them- so it maybe worth checking it out.

It can be so much harder doing it second time round- but if you think your strong enough to do it....hmmm bit of a tough one this. Scazman took a break whilst he went to Africa for a month- maybe he would be the best one to ask!

Good luck with whatever you decide- but if you do go without, make sure you take the re-feed info with you because then it will be easier to maintain xxx

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Gosh I really dont know what to advise so I'm just wishing you luck and hope you have a great time. oxo


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Not sure I can advise on this one but what I can say is I have my weight loss planned in 3 phases...One for 12 weeks and then take a break as recommended by NICE guidance...the next to repeat LT or even CD to take me down to 1 stone to lose....the 3rd to get a personal trainer (with the money I would have spent on LT) and eat sensibly to shift the remaining stone and learn how to keep it off. I believe in the principle that there are no wrong decisions we make them and then live and adapt to the consequence of them :D


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S: 17st7lb C: 16st7lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.4 Loss: 1st0lb(5.71%)
Thanks a lot everyone. I do want to have a great time- but cant when I'm hungry, or eating carbs, so that makes it difficult when travelling and kind of have to take what is available.
I did plan to do my weightloss in three phases too - the atkins phase which is done, this phase until now, then the last phase next year. Your plans a good one though, the trainer part.....
I never thought I'd turn into someone whos afraid to come off LT but maybe I have!
Could buy whey powder and make my own protein shakes I think.
I also thought that if I got stuck on LT I'd do CD as you're more accountable. I still have a couple of days to decide - am veering towards leaving it all behind where I can quickly get back to it on my return, then wont have the embarrassment of gain at the chemist!
Hi hun, I am sure you will make the right decision for you but I'm struggling to help cos I'm not really sure why you have decided to change your original plan.

As regards LT abroad it would presumably depend upon where you are actually going abroad as to how practical the programme would be, and whether you are allowed to bring food products in.

Hope you get sorted x

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