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I don't know where to start from.I don't want to say that I come from an " Obese or overweight " family , because my father wasn't obese nor totally healthy , but my mom was , I have 4 brothers other than me , and like 4 of us are overweight including me , but I'm the one who is with the biggest overweight problem. I'm 182 cm ( 6''00' ) 140 kg's ( 309 lbs ). I wasn't always obese , up till the age of 16 or 17 , I was seriously fit , my body was seriously in shape , after 18 , I rapidly started to gain weight. I don't think I'm the type of guy who " emotionally " eats , I eat 3 meals per day BUT , snacks are ( or used to be ) an endless saga. I tried a lot of diets , some of them would last for 2 or 3 weeks , some dont live for more than a week , basically , I didn't have the will to go through with it , and I think a lot of people over here, might get what I mean.

I never had health problems , I don't walk 4 times per week , I do subscribe to the gym like once(1 month ) per 6 months , I do walk every now and then though , I realize it's a must.I tested my blood sugar level , cholesterol , everything was normal , matter of fact , the doctor told me that everything is PERFECT.

Believe me when I tell you that I don't have large portions everyday , I have maybe one or 2 large dishes per week , but other than that , I LOVE salads , I ADORE fruits , I eat like 4-5 tomatoes every day , I make salad like 3 times a week, I'm a huge chick-peas fan.

I want to lose something like 30-40 kg's , I hate being skinny , I don't want to be one of those " scale-recommended " guys , I love being overweight a bit , I bet you ladies don't :p .

So what's your suggestions ? I'm open to everything . I'm all yours!!!

P.S. : I attached an image of me , from day 1 up till this day ( well not exactly today , see that so called hair on my head is all gone now :p )
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Welcome to Minimins :wavey:


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Hi and welcome im just eating healthy at the moment and not over eating crap I do that a lot. Im having 3 healthy meals a day and healthy snacks inbetween lots of fruit for me.

Hope this is the start of somthing good for you


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Go with the healthy eating - if you already like the 'good stuff' then it's not going to be that much of a leap. Watch your portion sizes though - even fruit can rack up the calories alarmingly! Good luck, you sound sensible and like you have a good not too obsessed attitude.
Keep us posted!