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Hmmmm a bit muddled

K I'm using Mfp, I'm keeping to my calories. Now I know too much fat opus not good but as long as I don't go over my calories do I need to watch the fat etc? I only ask because I just added an options to my food diary and it put up the estimated amount of weight in 5 weeks and also put me over the fat daily allowance
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I calorie count too and I do TRY to watch my fat intake too. I tend to find that if I don't, even though I may have stuck to my calorie count, I will either gain or StS. That might just be me though. Lol

I guess ,it's diets are the same, it's not just about eating within your allowance, it's about making sensible choices too. :)
I used to be shocking on diets, I'd think that 1200 calories meant I could eat a pizza (700 calls) and 2 mars bars and I'd had a good day!! Youthful naivety eh?! Lol. I've recently discovered Nakd bars, they are awesome and the cocoa orange one is great for a choccie rush! They are 145 calls each but all natural, no additives etc so loads better for you than a kitbag or something! :)

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I know that its best to eat healthier, but I know I will stick to my diet better in the long run if I can have whatever I want as long as its within the calorie limit, regardless of fat/protien etc. Already Im finding the unprocessed lower fat stuff is generally lower in cals, so it does work out I have more of that without trying. But if you want chocolate and its within your calorie limit, having it once in a while shouldnt do any harm
I'm not eating naughty I daren't I won't stop. Today was ready brek with skimmed milk coffee with milk and a sugar. Lunch tuna salad from tesco. Dinner home made lasagne salad and x2 desert spoons if home made vinigatrette and an options in cherry flavour!
Pretty similar to most days really.
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I watch my fat & to be honest trying to stay under 35g a day total but apart from fat & cals I don't look at the others, I show as being over my sugar by just having a banana in the morning....
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I too watch my calories and fat, but not sugars, carbs etc. when I get to a reasonable weight I might also start looking at sodium (to be healthy!)
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Fat is not bad for you. Keep the fat in things such as pastry, cakes, biscuits, chocolate, fast food and so on lower but fats from fish, nuts, avacados etc are great for you! Your brain needs healthy fats to function.

I watch it all to maintain but don't worry when I go over as often I'm under.

When I was losing I only had to watch calories and processed sugars but now I have to be more careful as I'm eating more to not eat too much of anything or I will gain even if I am in my maintenance calories
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