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Hmmmm what do i say? changing CDC's

I did but didn't tell my old CDC! I just never went to her again, since then though she added me on Facebook and iv explained my reasons lol


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Have you made an appointment with her? If not just don't make another, if you have just say you have to cancel and you will be in touch. Cowardly, but you don't need to explain!
yeah i'm due to see her tomorrow at 2pm for my first weigh in but now my new CDC is coming at 9.45am to do it and bring me my next weeks 'meals' i might just text n say i'm not feeling well, i know its the cowardly way out but you cant exactly tell someone your not using them anymore because of the lack of support they've given you.
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Actually I think you should say you are trying a new counsellor as you need more support than she was providing, you do not have to say more than that but I think you need to give feedback so she can learn and improve for her next clients, she might think she is giving enough support if you see what I mean and unless we tell people things they have no idea of knowing. Don't be afraid to say what you need in order to do this diet this is a huge thing and it is not unreasonable to want support x

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I would go with what Determinator says, but don't say you are ill in case she orders you stock in , and she would be expecting you to call in a week or so.
I'm terrible at saying what I really think, as I get stressed thinking what someone will think of me for saying it.....yes I know I am truelly pathetic.
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I have a very unsupportive CD and don't really like her and she's made some really 'off' comments, but I put up with her and just weigh and go - I would like more support but there's not really much choice in this area and the only other person I could find to take me on was male and was funny about me taking my (small) children to WI - I don't have a choice, I've nowhere else to put them!

Anyway, a bit of a ramble, but I know how you feel! I was just going to email mine and say I didn't like some comments she'd made (a favourite was "well on Cambridge, you should lose more than 3lbs a week" - supportive much?). I think you should be honest, but gently!



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I met with my first CDC on Weds. the 5th. And, it was not a good experience. I thought it over and contacted another CDC. I met with her on Monday the 10th. I then called the other CDC on Tuesday to cancel my appt for Weds the 12 -- and was able to honestly tell her that I had changed CDCs because the other one had morning appointments and she did not.

Now, that was not the main reason I changed -- but it was one of the reasons and it was not "personal" in nature. The first CDC had another job, so it wasn't something she could help.

It might have been "helpful" for me to give her feedback on what I thought of her manner, having food cooking on my arrival, having anotehr customer booked 30 minutes after me (and my friend) came for our first appts., about feeling rushed, her not knowing answers to our questions, her being more overweight that I am... etc.

But... I did not see the point in being hurtful. She was very gracious when I told her that I was changing due to the available appointment times -- and that made it easier.

thanks for all the replies, am still not quite sure what i am going to say but am sure i will figure something out in the morning,

Minnimel - i can totally relate to the things you just said when i had my first visit it was pretty much the same thing, the first thing she said was that she didnt want to be a consultant but had been talked into it by her consultant, i had loads of questions all of which she said ''i'll explain in a minute'' then never actually got round to it, i was in there about 10 minutes for my first appointment, she said she needed to contact my gp because of my BMI yet took none of my gp's details, i asked about the flavours e.t.c and was told what i wouldnt like because she didnt like them, when i've asked for support i've got what i can only explain as sarky comments back, i should have prob changed after my first appointment but just put it down to her having an off day (she was on SS too)

My new CDC however sounds really nice has already emailed me several times today to ask how i'm getting on, we've spoke on the phone too and she's coming to my house for weigh in, in the morning which is a big help with my 2 year old and an unreliable car, (the old consultant does do home visits too but seemed reluctant when i asked her about them)

i just felt rather disheartened after the last text i got in response to ''i'm struggling today and really need to eat something what can i do'' she replied '' i did say day 4 would be the hardest'' then 20 or so mins later came ''have an extra shake/soup if your desperate''

That kinda summed it up for me i think and made me start looking for a new one.

I am hoping to become a CDC myself once i'm more established with the plan and have reached my goal but so atleast i now know how not to treat people!

(sorry for the ramble lol)


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Chelly -- It's your thread... I should apologise to you for my ramble.

You are a customer -- and deserves customer service. So, good on you for changing. And, if you can find a CDC that will come to you with no drama... then great. Life is hard with little ones -- I have not forgotten that.

I would just email or text the other CDC and tell her that you have changed CDCs because of a better fit or something along those lines. I would let her know (cancel the appt. because even if she was not the most professional -- her conduct should not indfluence you to be rude).


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