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Hmmmm what to do....


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Hey.. me again...

Done the all the shakes on the first day... craving carbs but doing okay. I've drunk loads of water!

I have just had my work schedule for the next two weeks and i am workig away solidly from friday until mid july. I dont know what to do. I wont be able to get weighed and i wont be able to get my shakes. the only time i will be able to do it between now and the 17th of July is Thursday. I'm absolutely gutted about this and am not sure what to do?

Do i just try a "normal" diet for a couple of weeks and restart Lipotrim when i can go for my weekly checks or do i go and get weighed only 2 days into the programme and get 2 weeks worth of stuff? I just dont know what to do for the best?
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Hi Kate

If I were you, I would get to the pharmacy pronto and explain and get some shakes for the weeks you are away.

I cant manage next week to be weight, so at my WI on thursday, they are giving me 2 weeks supply. I am sure they will do this for you.

It would be such a shame to come off the program now as i think it will be hard for you to get back into the swing of things.

No reason why you cant have your shakes with you if you have a shaker. Shouldnt be a problem.

hope you work something out.


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i was thinking i could do that but what worries me is that my first weigh in will be after only 2 days on the programme and the next one wont be for another 3ish weeks. i'm scared incase i do it for a couple of weeks but cos im not having the weekly weighs i loose motivation and binge.

stupid work.. i had it all planned out. :-(
Kate, well done on taking the first step and jumping on the LT wagon.

I would do exactly as scotsmist has suggested,talk to your pharmacist and explain. They usually give you weeks in advance supplies if you are going on holiday etc.As it's due to working away it's pretty much the same scenario so i can't see a problem with it.

My weekly weigh in's do give me that motivation for the following week and there's nothing more inspiring than stepping onto the scales and having a loss. Any chance you could take some scales with you to keep you motivated(or would this be impossible) and you cna perhaps keep your own log. Just think when you get back and have your official weigh in with the pharmacist, it will be mega.

Good luck in what you decided and let us know how you get on.


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Hi Kate,
will you have internet where you are going, if you do then use this forum as your motivation and back up, there is nearly always someone on here and only too willing to help. You could get yourself weighed whilst away and use this as an unofficial weight loss to post on here if you wish. You will be fine, I know it can be hard just as you are beginning but there is never an ideal time for this type of diet, just a time when our bodies and minds say enough, stop this fat we are eating and let me rest a while. I hope you can find the strength to do LT while away, just think the shock everyone at home will get when you return.
Best of luck.
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As said try get the supplies you need and get some scales to give you a weekly weigh in


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i live 70miles from my pharmacy and after the first week she gave me 2 weeks worth, i was offered 3 but thought it best to just do 2, im now 1 week into a 3 week suply, i just weigh myself as normal on a wed and im doing alright. xx


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i buy my lt on internet and find this site is fantastic, i'd be lost without it, ;)


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Kate - I sympathise entirely. I have quite a few 2-wekly weigh ins, due to working away from home.

Definitely talk to your pharmacist. I wonder if, if you are going to be in one place a lot for work, you could maybe come to some arrangement with a local pharmacy there?

I hope you get the encouragement and support from pharmacist, but also speak to LT about it too - you're clearly dedicated and motivated and it would be such a shame to let slip.

Hang on, just realised mid July is only 2 weeks! (where has the year gone!) You'll be fine, sure they'll give you 2 weeks supply - mine are fine about this :)


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Yes I would get the 2wks supply and just do your best :). You will not falter because if you can't weigh yourself, you will deifinitely feel the inches coming off ;) that will give you the motivation to continue until you return and get an official WI. Just think how great a loss this will be once on those scales :p

Whatever you decide - good luck xxx


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I cant say much more than is said above, its worth a try xxxxx


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if you are worried about weigh in maybe your pharmacy will give you 2 weeks worth of shakes but another pharmacy near where you have been sent will have one of those big pay to weigh scales. that way you can still see the 1st weeks weight off and keep motivated for the second week. good luck x

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