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Hobbies and interests


loves a curlywurly
hello lovely people :)

ive been thinking lately i want to start doing something new so i was looking for ideas.
what are your hobbies/interests? id love to do zumba or some dance classes but cant at the moment because of back problems :(
any suggestions welcome..........
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addicted to minimins
I myself am enjoying learning sign language (albeit slowly). But I think you may be referring to exercise, lol. Playing instruments, taking pictures, babysitting... I like those things! Somehow I do not believe my post will be helpful, though... lol, sorry!


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Hmm - is it activity you're after, or something that involves meeting up with other people, or something to stop you nibblling between meals?
I love walking. I have an app on my phone which records how many miles ive done. I power walk with the buggy and tell my little boy all about the things we see.

I also love vintage clothes. I trail around second hand shops and flea markets. I love to customize bags with vintage scarfs and love to buy really old bags. My fav atm is a 60's fendi bag which cost £20!!!

I agree with the above post tho your local area has so much to offer and you can make hobbies very cheap. I love swimming too but find it hard to do laps with a 2 yr old lol so have to wait for a sitter to help x
With your back problem something a little more gentle would be better for you.

How about water aerobics, brilliant if you have a back problem as the water supports you. Good fun too.


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I took up poi spinning a couple of years ago. It's a really good upper body work out and is great for entertaining friends. Plus it's a completely portable hobby so you can do it anywhere! I've just upgraded to fire poi which is awesome.

Some videos here:

YouTube - Poi Girl on Fire

Edit: To say I am not the girl in the video!


loves a curlywurly
thansk for all the replies :) i didnt realise there was a similar thread a week ago and i actually did search the forum and clearly missed it...oops!
some great suggestions. i really want to do aqua aerobics but still dont have the confidence to put on a swim suit even after losing over 2 stone! :(
Its not to help me stop nibbling thankfully i have that under control :)
Im learning turkish (slowly) as my husband is kurdish and most of his family doesnt speak english!
the poi spinning looks really cool but unfortunately wouldnt be able for this at the moment!
im going to search your suggestions to see what available in my area.
Thanks again xxxxxxxxxxxx

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