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Holiday advice please


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I'm going to Turkey in five weeks. I'm currently doing SS+ and although I'm pretty confident that I can manage to stay sensible with food, I know that when I'm on holiday I will want to have an alcoholic drink or two or three..... I know that I should move up to 810 prior to the holiday, but how long before I go should I do this and should I do this first and then also move up to 1000 cal? Any advice greatly received. Thanks!
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Im probably not the best person to answer but... I was planning on drinking and everyone advised that i should step up the plans.. In regards to it being a holiday away you should maybe do a week on 810 then a week on 1000 before you go just so its not such a shock to your system and your body might not hang onto the calories as much?? But you definately need to eat sensibly and try drinking diet mixers and vodka? or try and stick to the lower calorie beverages :)
also on holiday you usually do lots of walking and swimming in the pools so try use this as exercise to burn off whatever you do eat or drink! :D


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Im not going to be much help at all.. as I am doing ss+ too.. I would say go to 810 and be as sensible as you can... Drink lots of water too. I would speak to your cdc as I am sure she will be able to advice you when exactly to go up the plans.
What part of Turkey are you going to we are looking to go in September and was not sure yet what part and hotel ect..
Your doing great.. and I bet you cant wait to go on holiday and feel more confident..


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We're going to Olu Deniz. Haven't been there before but lots of people have told me that it's very pretty and a lovely place. Can't wait as haven't had a proper holiday in the sun for a few years and I should now be able to do the seatbelt up on the plane!!


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The main thing is to have a fabulous holiday and not spend the two weeks panicking about it. Turkey is a fabulous country (I'm a huge fan of Turkey and try to go at least twice a year), their food is fabulous. The best thing though is that they are not huge carb addicts. Most of their food is meat based and shish type kebabs are available everywhere with salads etc.

Unfortunately, the resort type places are turning into chips with everything, but if you stick to some good turkish food you'll do wonderful.

I broke ss last year to go to Marmaris and I've never been able to get back into it properly since (until today that is!). I spent the first week being really sensible and had omelettes etc for breakfast but the second week I went a bit mad on the chocolate ice lollies. Cue cravings galore.

Olu deniz is next on my agenda, in particular the Belcekiz Beach hotel. Where are you staying?


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We're staying in a little family run hotel called Hotel Karbel. Am sure it's nothing glamorous, but as long as I'm on holiday I won't mind!

Big H

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Whatever you do just ensure that yuo are not in Keytosis when drinking

Hope you have a great time! x

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