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Holiday Countdown

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by Lauren1688, 6 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Lauren1688

    Lauren1688 Member

    Hi everyone,

    I have tried slimming world before without much luck, mostly due to lack of willpower but I am going on holiday at the end of March to Orlando and really want to look and feel my best! So I've heard that recording a food diary helps keep you on track so this is my attempt at it...wish me luck :) any pointers or things on my food diary that you think could be better, please help me!

    So my first day was today and has went like this:
    breakfast: Activia fat free yogurt
    Break: Mugshot & apple
    Lunch: jacket potato with baked beans, healthy extra cheese and salad
    Dinner: gammon ( all fat removed), mushrooms and chips (in acti fry healthy extra oil)
    Dessert: Mars Ice cream 10 syns
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  3. Lauren1688

    Lauren1688 Member

    Today has been very busy! So here is my food diary for today:
    breakfast: activia fat free yogurt
    Lunch: Mugshot & apple
    Snack: Banana
    Dinner: spaghetti bolognese with Parmesan cheese hexa
    dessert: Mars ice cream 10 syns
  4. Lauren1688

    Lauren1688 Member

    Feeling good today :) didn't really think about food at all today which is big for me!

    Breakfast: Activia fat free yogurt
    Lunch: Mugshot & apple
    Snack: toast and cheese (brown bread hexb & hexa)
    Dinner: chicken casserole with rice
    Dessert: Mars ice cream (slightly addicted to these) 10 syns
  5. Jade x x

    Jade x x Full Member

    Looks like your doing well! :) when's ur weigh in day? I don't officially start class till Monday night but went on plan yesterday! Feel better for making the first step! Iv got 2 hols booked this year, going a cruise with my mum on 5th May & Santa Ponsa with my man on 2nd June so also hoping 2 get slimmer for my hols lol x
  6. Lauren1688

    Lauren1688 Member

    Hi Jade,

    Gonna make Mondays my weigh in day! When is your weigh in day? I'd love to loose 2 stone by the of March but I fear I may be too optimistic lol but I'd be happy as long as I loose something :) are you exercising with the plan as well?
  7. Jade x x

    Jade x x Full Member

    Mines is also a Monday! This Monday coming is my first weigh in tho so slightly nervous lol well I went 2 a metafit class 2nite....I'm rather unfit tho feel so exhausted now lol what abt u? x
  8. Lauren1688

    Lauren1688 Member

    Just been doing abit of walking, need to motivate myself to do abit more :)

    diary for for today is:
    Breakfast: activia fat free yogurt
    Break: mugshot & apple
    Lunch: jacket potato with beans and cheese with salad hexa
    dinner: cod and rice & veg with sauce 1 syn
    snacks: cornetto mini x 2 7syns, toast hexb and skim of butter 1 syn, toffee crisp 5 syns

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