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Holiday gain?

I'm off on holiday in a couple of weeks and I'm just forgetting about SW while I'm there.. We are camping so quite a few meals will be healthy anyway because I'll be cooking it! But we WILL be having german sausage, german beer, pomm frites, pastries etc and I'm not gonna hold back!
I know it will obviously depend from person to person but I just wanted to get an idea of what sort of gain people have had on their return from a SW free holiday! Were going for 2 weeks.. My friends dad gained 2st in 3 weeks when they went to Florida! :-o
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When I "forget" I can put up to 6lbs on in a week.

These days I tend not to forget - it's hard to if I'm honest, I will still always have no butter in a jacket potato and milk instead of cream in coffee. I try to have 2 meals a day on plan, usually breakfast and lunch and then have a treat at dinner, whether it be a pudding or a non-SW meal. I can then usually get away with a 2lb gain.


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the last time I went away it was only a week but I put on 3.5lb, I thought this was ok as I was out drinking every night and had off plan meals every night,

I have been away at least 3 times since being on s.w each time for a week and have gained like 3 -3.5lb

also had loads of snacks like crisps and lollies during the day, but I tried to have breakfast on plan such as fruit or cereal and tried to make my lunch most of the days usually just a sandwich and fruit and brought it to the beach :)

am going away for 2 weeks this year and would be happy if I gained like around 6-7lb, it usually comes off quick enough aswell, because as soon as I step off the plane I am back on plan :)

but as u said each person is different
Oh ok that's not too bad then.. I'm gonna stick to plan kind of, ie, plenty of fruit/salad and not un necessary scoffing! And I'll make sure that the meals I do make myself are healthy! Because were camping I imagine we'll be having plenty if bbqs.. But we are going to Germany so I WILL be drinking plenty of beer!! :) and we've said were gonna have a maccy Ds en-route as we've not had it since we started SW! I'll be comfortable with a 1/2st gain..
It will be the first time I've gone off plan since I started..


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When I'm on holiday I stick to plan for breakfast and lunch and then have what I want in the evening within reason. I usually put on 3/4 pounds doing it this way.


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If you can, leave it a couple of days after you come back before you weigh, if you're flying. I lost 3lbs in the two days after flying recently, which I'm sure was all retained water from the flight, and I was glad that it hadn't gotten added to my official weekly weight!


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If you have / with kids, all that beer can be 'assisted' with lot's of football, frisbies, walking and swimming too,
I had a biz trip, so off plan for the week, but careful-ish and gained 2.5lb (including a huge Indian buffet night before WI )

Just had a week away on holiday, so will have missed 1 WI, I'll find out Thursday how I've fared this time round.

Enjoy your camping, whereabouts are you headed?, guessing Germany by all the beer, but it could be Lidl's carpark lol


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Another good tip is to really chew your food slowly and enjoy it and stop when you're full, that way you won't over eat. Apparently this is how slim people eat all the time!!! Lol ;)
Yeah were driving from Chesterfield to Bavaria (Germany) but stopping off in Bruges, Mosel valley and Metz (on the way back) all camping. So a lot of meals, especially dinner will be camping meals, ie, BBQ so I can control that.. We will be doing a lot of hiking too..


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I am going away thurs-tues all inclusive, I am going to stick to plan food wise but will be having more booze than usual, I hope for a sts or a 1lb gain maximum will do swimming walking etc to help minimise the damage :) I think so long as you enjoy and are prepared for a gain and are happy with that its all good, I know I'd be gutted if I gained more than 1lb


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I tend to be more active on holiday than at home & healthy food always looks nicer and so is eaaier to choose. So the last 2 times i've gone on holiday i've lost weight despite copious amounts of booze - both were all inclusive hols though. Imagine camping would be a different & eapecially Germany, where some of their food is really bad for you!


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yea thats the main thing as long as you enjoy urself, afetr all we dont go on holiday every week :)

enjoy all the german beer, yum yum am jealous :)
I started SW in Feb 09 & until my holiday in Feb this year I've never gained anything more than 2lb's whilst on hols.

But in Feb we went to India & whilst I chose SW(ish) friendly food it wasn't easy as a lot of the food is cooked in lots of oil. Needless to say I'm still working on losing the 7lb I gain in 3wks:eek: not happy bunny. We're off to Florida in December & I definately won't be coming back with a 7lb gain then.

When on hols I ususally eat SW friendly food & I have always(even pre SW) snacked on fruit; but in the eves I enjoy a glass or two of wine:D.

Have a lovely holiday, BTW have you looked at The Sun holidays from £9.50, we did this for the first time a couple of years ago & for all four of us (all adults) inc flights & accomodation it cost £650 for two weeks, not bad & last Sept just me & OH went to Barcelona & it cost just £250 inc flights & accom for 1 week.
Wow bargain!! Would be nice to have a child free city break with hubs.. I really want to go to Marrakech (despite bombings.. They won't hit same place twice, right?)


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I am off to Tunisia weekend after next for 10 days all inclusive and don't want to undo all my good work over the last 3 weeks. I am going to do aqua aerobics each day, swim a lot, walk etc, then try and stick to fruit, cereal or scrambled eggs for breakfast, fresh cooked pasta for lunch, and maybe grilled meat and veg for dinner. That way it's just the booze I have to worry about. I doubt if Tunisia hotel will have gin & slimline tonic so I'll probably end up on the wine but if I don't drink during the day and drink moderately in the evening, I hope not to put on much weight. All sounds terribly plausible... I just hope I can stick to it in reality!

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