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Holiday reading

Hi all,

I know we have a reading thread already but thought I'd throw this open to you all.

Am off on hols on Friday. I read (an awful lot) every night - whether i'm on holiday or not.

Now - on holiday i like really light hearted fun books and murder mysteries. Not your mills and boon stuff but funny writers and thrilling writers. Not really into true life depressing stuff (though admittedly murder mysteries aren't exactly happy stuff - if it's not real life it's sort of more acceptable isn't it?) I hope you know the sort of books I mean and can throw a few good ideas at me.

Need to rush to town tomorrow to buy them. Need lots as usually go through about 8 books on a 2 week holiday and we're away for longer than that this time with longer flights.

Thanks all.

Hope you can come up with more ideas than you could for my birthday presents - you eejits :D

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Anything by Marian Keyes gets my vote for a holiday read...she is extremely funny and very clever....and her stories are very good!!!!

Enjoy hun...xx


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No problem....is she over my side?
i don't remember - which side are you?

she actually lives in ghana but arrived back yesterday for a holiday. i don't know if she'll do the diet really but i said if she wanted to chat to you about it I was sure you'd be a great help.

i showed her the cd site.


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Ahhh that's sweet! x I'll listen out for her!! :)


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
The best holiday reads imo are the books by Sophie Kinsella. She has a series of 'shopaholicas' books which are excellent and also a couple of individual novels.. one is called 'The Undomestic Goddess'. I loved tem all and read 4 of them alone whilst on my hols
Well it depends on what sort of holiday reads you are after....

My own personal fave author(ess) is Gilda O'Neill. Her series about the O'Donnell family are brilliant - even Martina Cole gives her rave reviews!

I'm about to start reading Mia Dolan's book - can't remember what it's called but it's about her life as a psychic young woman and the things that happened to her. mother bought it for me with strict instructions to read it!!!!

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