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Holidaying in the US - need food survival tips!

I'm going to the US for a 2 week holiday on Thursday which I'm really excited about. We're driving through Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee- starting in New Orleans and flying back from Nasvhille and visiting a number of places along the way including Memphis.

I've been doing my best to lose a few lbs before I go as I know how quickly I put on weight (I gained 12 lbs on a week's holiday in Morocco earlier this year! :eek:). My BMI 25 is 11 stone, and I'm comfortable around 10 st 7 lbs. For some reason my body seems to be reluctant to drop below 10 st 4 lbs but I still have a couple of days to go so fingers crossed I can lose another lb or two before I go :rolleyes:

What I need to know from you experienced American holiday-makers is advice on the sort of things I should eat .. and, of course, what I should avoid like the plague.

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Hi Sharon... I have just come back from visiting my brother in the States... Everything there is now geared up for those who dont want to put on weight..

You know what to eat I am sure...just avoiding all their deep fried stuff is the answer..or at least having it in moderation and ask for salad dressings on the side!

Saying that.. I came back half a stone heavier... but hey..I understand the theory! :eek:

Have fun though... you only live once :)
Hiya Sam

Yeah, I think I know the 'right' and 'wrong' things to eat - but I'm just a bit worried about the HUGE portions of food they serve over there :eek: (My 'off' switch was never very effective at the best of times :rolleyes:).

Thanks for the information about asking for the salad dressing on the side - that's useful as I wouldn't have thought of that - and also about how they're now more geared up to people who want to watch their weight. That's certainly a relief, although I still picture the Deep South as being wall-to-wall fried chicken outlets, jambalaya (what IS that?! *lol*) and catfish!

Have to admit that if I come back only 7 lbs heavier I will be a very happy bunny indeed :cool:
My experience this year was that healthy food is becoming easier to find, albeit the portion control is out of control.

There are loads of subways everywhere so if you stick to the healthier ones and just have a 6 inch then that is pretty good healthy grub!

And if you order steak or chicken breast in a restaurant you tend to be ok.

The only problem comes if you visit fast food places as it is high fat, high calorie, large portions and so cheap you end up filling your boots.

Also remember of course to drink loads of water and just avoid snacking for no reason.

You'll be fine though, remember you can't put on stones and stones and stones in a couple of weeks


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