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Who slims down just for there holidays?

Who sticks to dietings when there away?

If you dont stick to dieting while away and new pretty much that you were going to gain when you came home what kind of a gain would you be 'happy' with?

Reason i ask is im going away for my 24th birthday......going 1st november. Now im going to tenerife for 2 weeks im so excited and i dont plan on sticking to my diet. The reason being which may sound pretty pathetic is ive missed alot of occasions this year including not enjoying my mums 50th as i was doing celebrity slim, i cant remember the last time i had ANY alcohol, which is a big deal seen as tho i used to have a couple of drinks most weekends with my boyfriend.

Im not going to go 'over board' but will enjoy myself...........ive got another 3 WIs including THIS thursday i would love when i came bk to still b in the 13s so lets c wha i can loose in the next 2 weeks :p xx
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i found myself not sticking to the plan as such when i went on holiday but just picking healthier options. It was kind of programmed into me. I would then have ice cream :]] Personally i think that as long as you enjoy yourself thats all that matters, you can loose the weight when you get back. Most people only go on holiday once a year so enjoy it!! Hope you have fun! xx


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I agree! Holidays are just that! BUT you may be suprised! Despite the alcohol, (I'm assuming you'll do alot of dancing!) you may not put on as much as you think! Esp as you haven't had a drink in yonks. You'll probably be well away after a couple if it's that long! They have great fruit and seafood out there too. If you don't target the fast food you'll be fine! Having said that, our consultant put on 12lbs in the south of France! BE warned!

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I wouldnt fret too much hun. You've already said that you are planning on coming off the plan while on Holiday. As the others have said, just eat sensibly and as well as the booze, drink bottled water too. Cure headaches and will flush your kidneys out!! Lol.
Just enjoy yourself!
I do try and slim down for my holidays as I know i'll put weight on when I'm away.
I try to get a couple of pounds under my target before I go so I can put on 3-4lbs while I'm away and then still be in my target range when I get back.
It doesn't always go to plan and when I went away in August I was a pound over target and put 3 on so I had some work to do the week I got back to get it off again!!
I'm lucky in that I don't drink but I love my treats and indulgent food when I'm away and I never diet while I'm away either. I just have what I want and get back on track when I return!

Enjoy your holiday, you deserve it hun!
S: 17st3lb C: 11st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 28.1 Loss: 5st7lb(31.95%)
Thanks all!
I wont be sticking to the plan....but wont be going overboard (i say that now haha)
Whatever will be will be i suppose! hehe! x


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I used my holiday as a really target this year knowing that i wanted to go away looking fab helped drive me on. I went to lanzarote for two week in the summer i didnt stick to the plan 100%! Plus i drank virtually my body weight in alcohol!!But i did make lots of healthier choices with my meals and when the rest of the family decided to have an ice cream most of the time i would just have a water or diet coke instead!! We did loads of walking and swimming and when i got back i only put on 1.5lbs!! So i was over the moon!!

Enjoy you holiday! Dont get to brown or i will get jealous!! LOL!
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I try to slim before I go on hols, but then enjoy myself while I am away and make sensible choices where I can. My 40th is coming up later this month and we are away for the weekend and I am just going to enjoy myself and get back on track on the monday

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Hey MissClare85, im in the same predicament as you as im going on holiday on 30th November and i find it hard to stick to plan when i cant do my own shopping, cooking etc!

I do want to get to target by the time i go away and im on track if i loose 1lb every week until i go as im pretty sure im going to gain whilst away. My main issue is that we are staying in a hotel in the middle of nowhere - its not self catering so all the food i eat will be based in the hotel or the few resturaunts in the area. With it being in the Indian Ocean i've been pre-warned that the majority of their dishes are coconut milk and curry based so my choices are going to be fairly limited :cry:

I think wherever you go the best plan is to try and have a big breakfast with plenty of eggs, fresh fruit, cold cuts (if available) to make sure you are filled up until lunch. Then go for the fish and lean meat choices with loads of fresh veggies or salad and ask for them to be steamed or grilled - this is what i am planning anyway.

And if all else fails - take a stash of mugshots and couscous to make up in the hotel room with the kettle! Im going to take some for snacking so i avoid ordering room service :p

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