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Holland and barrett

Discussion in 'Slim And Save' started by soon2bslimxx, 7 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. soon2bslimxx

    soon2bslimxx Full Member

    Has anyone tried their rice/pasta/spaghetti? They have no carbs and less than 15cals in a whole pack just wondering if they were any good?!

    May nip there tomorrow and buy some

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  3. Jelliebabe

    Jelliebabe Gold Member

    Ivevtried the zero noodles once. Definitely different from regular but worth it. I'd have them again. Worth trying! ?
  4. Sammy33

    Sammy33 Gold Member

    The rice was ok but I wasn't keen on the noodles. Everyone's tastes are different though. It was the texture that got me. Really really rinse them, then really really rinse them again! Flavour them when cooking too and you're good to go!! :)
  5. soon2bslimxx

    soon2bslimxx Full Member

    I was just going to mix them in with my packs to make then fill me up that little bit more! I'll get some to try with it being the penny sale at the mo x x
  6. soon2bslimxx

    soon2bslimxx Full Member

    Urggh just got these and opened them to rinse and they stink!!! Also tried to rinse in my sieve and lost lots of the rice through the gaps! Will have to invest in a strainer if they are edible... Plan on mixing it into my chili con carni, here's to hoping :)
  7. ww_horror

    ww_horror Full Member

    Like use them to bulk out my 'main meal' got a special ******* offer on what i thought was just the noodles/spaghetti, but its also fettucine and lasagne, i stick with the spaghetti and fettucine is bearable, the less mass of it the better if you know what i mean, lasagne is terrible even when i cut it up into saller bits
    Ive found boiling the noodles for 5 minutes then dry frying them makes them more paletable
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