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Hollie's diary to a new life..

Hi all, thought I would start a diary on here. I'm planning to start the tablets tomorrow! Have been reducing my fat intake And increasing carbs before hand as have been on a low carb diet.

When I first read about the side effects of this pill I was really put off. But since finding this forum I am now looking forward to using them.

So for the first few days I've had:

•Natural yoghurt and a few grapes
•Wholemeal pitta, ham, onion chutney, extra light Mayo
•Toast and chicken tikka spread
•chicken fahitas + veg

•Beans on toast
•Pitta sandwich (ham + light cheese spread)
•Few grapes
•Chicken + veg + few home chips

Not expecting to lose much after my first week as increase in carbs might affect me as I have PCOS.
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Good Luck
keep posting what you are eating, and you will get loads of advice.. and im sure that you will get through no problem.. as you already know there are quite a few who have PCOS... so your not alone:)
Thanks guys :). I've never joined a group/forum before and I think it is definitely helping Reading all your successes and advice!

Okay so I took my first today! I had

Breakfast: prawns, lettuce, xlight Mayo and a slice of toast
Lunch: usual pitta sandwich, ham, onion chutney and xlight Mayo instead of butter
Dinner: pork chop (loin), and lots of veg
Just a quick update,
Saturday I had...
breakfast: beans on toast with some lean bacon
lunch: prawn sandwich with xl Mayo
dinner: carbonara (with xl cream cheese, chicken, mushrooms and spaghetti) was really yummy!
Snacks: handful of grapes

Finding that my stomach is feeling iffy since I started taking the tabs but hoping it will
settle down. Plus need to get out jogging again. Which iv
been putting off the last few days :-|
Well yesterday I decided I'd put it off long enough and went out jogging for about half hour. Which is great as a few weeks ago I couldn't even jog to the car (2 minutes away)!!
And food wise I had
beans, bacon on toast
chicken pitta for lunch
lean pork, cream cheesy mash ( was gonna have roasts but saw this idea on here) and plenty of veg.
Oh and a ww banoffee thingy

Today Ive had cream cheese on toast
planning to have a turkey pitta for lunch
and maybe roast chicken later for dinner.
and... More jogging!
Hi. I'm doing Good thanks. Not so sure if I will lose any this week but fingers crossed lol.

Well I didn't get in til late yesterday so ended up not jogging. Determined to go today. Had a chicken pasta bake yesterday instead of the roast chicken as someone forgot to get the meat out of the freezer :p

today I'm having a low fat cereal and skimmed milk
then my usual lunch at uni + I've discovered pink n whites :)
for dinner I'm home alone so just a jacket potato + fillings I think
They are indeed :). Although I could quite easily eat a whole packet!

Feel on a bit of a downer concerning this weeks weigh in. I know I shouldn't be scale hopping but even just a sign on losing anything would be nice :(.
Hi Hollie

I started the tablets 3 weeks ago and like you i also have pcos. Im doing great since i found this forum and like you was terrified to take them after reading all the stuff online but Ive had no side effects at all. I have my 3 week weigh in 2 morrow and im hoping for 3lbs off so I have my first stone lost. I thought with having pcos I would struggle to lose weight but so far so good. I know the weight will start slowly coming off now but need to stick with it.

Hope you are finding it ok, everyone on here is helpful giving reciepes and just listening x x x:)
Thanks MrsR :) It's nice to know that it can work for me! and well done on the loss so far! I'm finding the whole diet thing fine, it's actually pretty simple to keep to and I don't crave anything I shouldn't.. I'm hoping I'm just a late starter and that the weight starts to come off next week! lol

Hi missi70, so far I have had no side effects! :) and apparantly aslong as you stick to the 5g in every 100g and up to 15g per meal, you wont get any. I was worried the first few days but now I'm fine with it, all I found was that I had a bit of a rumbly belly but that's settled down now :) good luck with your first week :)

So today I've had low fat cereal and my usual sandwich for lunch. Not sure on dinner yet.
exercise wise, I'm going to walk to my friends instead of drive so that should take me about an hour :) might even throw in a bit of jogging on the way.
I had homemade dopiaza yesterday thanks to the other half :)
and I walked for about 2 hours in total and used my friends wii for about half an hour too :)

today I'm trying to bulk up my calorie intake a little so been and bought some yoghurts and a few other bits.
Had low fat cereal with milk and a yoghurt for breakfast
not sure about lunch or dinner yet

Feeling more positive today :)
Lunch was heinz tomato soup and a naan bread :) yummy
and dinner was roast chicken, roasts and a bit of stuffing :)
It has been yummy! :)
I don't know how i'm finding the xenical. Have had no side effects. But not lost any weight. Although is only the first week so gonna keep at it a few more weeks and see how it goes :) how about you?
well i went a bit crazy after my 2nd week and went off it for a month! not a good idea. i went back on in october and lost a stone so far!! must update my stats now that i think of it!
Well I will try not to go crazy!
So tomorrow is my first wi. Going to mums as their scales are more accurate. But I kinda already know iv not lost any.

However I do feel much more energetic so somethings working :)


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What are pinks and whites...

Good luck with your weigh in..

If your doing more exercise, then you might be losing inches rather than weight... make sure you measure yourself
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