Holy Gok!!


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Has anyone else seen the programme Gok Wan did tonight on overweight teens? I am in shock and horrified and just overwhelmed.

I adore Gok Wan, I think the man is brilliant, and to see that he used to be 21 stone shocked me. The stories he tells about being overweight at school and the way people treated him really hit a nerve. I think I seriously blocked so much crap out because all of these memories of the fights I got in at school and the arguments I got in just came flooding back. High School was not a happy time for me!!

I'm still watching this programme, but I can't believe how cruel the children nowadays are. These kids on here are like 20/30 stone at 15 and they are dropping out of school because of the severe bullying. It's horrible.

B x
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hi there
i'm just watching it now - he was massive wasn't he, but looks so skinny now.

its interesting how he's going back through his life, its obviously quite hard for him

only watched a bit so far

daisy x


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It always amazes me to find out that these people that I always thought were naturally slim and healthy have to work at it and have the same issues as I do! I just look at them enviously and think, if only I could eat what I wanted and look like her/him. But it's so obvious to me lately that these slim people probably have to work really hard at it too! Claire Sweeney programme the other week was fascinating too.

Beks, it's good that those memories have surfaced and now you can work through them hopefully.


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I've just realised Poppy

He's copied your hairstyle!
I think he's fab too. I had read an article about him before which explained about how hard it was for him to be obese, camp and Chinese when he was younger. He had a really tough time which I'm sure is why he so genuinely can realte to women who have hang ups (or downs)
with their body image. Don't we all?
he has understanding and empathy which comes across.
I've got a pinky purple GOK dress from Dorothy Perkins. I love the colour, fabric and design.Every time I wear it people comment on it.
In fact, i think i'll wear it today in his honour.
As you say, Thank you Gok.


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I watched it too. It amazed me, i had no idea he was a big person, look how skinny he is now!!! I wonder how he lost all the weight??? x


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i want to know about loose skin, did he get it i wonder??

I remember reading that it takes 2 months per stone for skin to stretch back, i think i read BL say that