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Holy s**t!!!!!

I lost 5LBS this week!!! When I saw it I went "really?!" and the woman weighing went "OMG!" really loudly lol!! Feels so good! Got slimmer of the week as well :D

Funny thing is I don't really know how?! I had a very strict week with lots of exercise the week before last and lost 2.5lb, so maybe that's caught up with me?

anyway YAY!!! I feel so lucky! I put on 3.5lbs a few weeks ago and felt like it would take me so long to counter act. Now Im at a weight I thought it would take me 4-5 weeks to achieve!! :D

I've lost 7.5lbs in the last two weeks! AMAZING!

Its just the boost I needed I cant wait to get down into the 13s now - it will be the slimmest i've been in years!, I'm currently 14st 3lb now, only 1lb away from my 1 1/2 stone and my 10%!!

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Never gets tired of SW!
There's no feeling like it is there?!! Well done that girl!! Bet you're feeling on top of the world right now!!! I lost 4.5lb last week and felt the same- it really gives you a boost and 'fast-tracks' you towards your next target!! Lovely feeling!! So did you do anything really different this week, or do you think it's just your body responding to your efforts over the past weeks?XXX
I really didnt do anything different this week, I only went to the gym once...I cheated on sat night and ate some buffet food (did syn it as best I could tho), and It's been an "ok" week, I was honestly expecting to only lose 1lb! It can only be last weeks efforts catching me up...although now I'm wondering if thats the case, will I have a bad loss or a gain from having an average week this week??

I'm going to try and work super hard again this week, and maybe with a bit of luck it will catch up with me again :D x
Well done! :D

I wish i would have amazing weightloss like that! :)

I've never had slimmer of the week and i don't think i ever will :sigh:
aww! Dont worry I never thought I'd get such a massive loss, let alone slimmer of the week! I'd accepted my losses had slowed down to 1lbs on normal weeks! x
well done - feels bloomin' great dont it - luv it when this happens
Well done!!!! :)
Wow that is good!! bet you were shocked...that's like a first weigh in result! bet you are mega chuffed!! Good on you x x
HAHA! You jammy thing. WELL DONE!

I do think it's the good week catching up with you, but also, from experience, I'd say that your 'ok' week is also partially responsible; often being super-careful makes your body go 'wooooah, what's this, I won't be getting rid of any fat this week matey' but when it's got a bit more fuel to play with, it tends to let go of the fat a bit more easily. It's not panicking about not having enough! Does that even make sense?! LOL!

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Wow!!!! Fantastic loss this week Hun regardless!!!

Im hoping for a good loss next week as I only shifted 0.5lbs this week (totm!). I only want 0.5lb to get my 1 stone sticker too! Lol
Thanks everyone for being so nice!! :D

Mrs V - It was my totm last week as well and i worked over the top hard last week so I think i would have lost more if I wasnt feeling so bloated!

Helliecopter - LOL. Yeh it does kind of make sense, I guess its about finding the perfect balance??

I think I'm going to try having another high exercise week this week and see if it effects me again in 2 weeks time?? hmm? I'll let everyone know how that goes anyway! x


Never gets tired of SW!
I really have given up trying to understand how my body loses weight! I've had brilliant losses on good and not so good weeks, and I've had tiny losses (and this week STS) on brilliant weeks!! All I know is that if I'm sticking to the plan the weight will come off over time in it's own special way, and as long as it's doing so it's sort of irrelevant what losses happen on which week!! I know I have to look at it over a long period!X
WELL DONE! that's fab! i love that feeling! i do honestly think that sometimes what you see on the scales takes another week to catch up! well done you! xx

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