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home again,op over with


Getting thinner everyday!
Good to hear you're okay.

The aneasthetic really takes it out of you, doesn't it?

I prescribe a duvet, sole ownership of the sofa, a huge mug of coffee and sole control of the remote :)

oh and other half and children running at your every word!

Alex :)


My husband = My hero
Welcome home! Get better soon xx


My husband = My hero
I wana see them haha x
Glad to hear everything went ok. No more worries about what you eat. No more attacks. Did you have stitches or staples, hope it was stitches as the staples are awful especially if they have to use a scapel to get them out. :eek:
clad all went well for ya
Welcome home glad to hear everything went great enjoy the rest

xx Sharron

blue eyes

Positive and focused!
:) Glad to see you're home safely heres to a quick recovery. XX
Glad your well hun, make sure you rest up for a while now and take it easy. xx
glad to hear your over it nicki. just dont forget dont run before you can walk and do too much (like i did)

mine look like brownish coloured peppercorns but slightly bigger lol the consultant said they are the worst kind to get as they block your bile duct easily when they are that size xxxxxxx
Mine went into my pancreas and caused pancreatitus, and the funny thing is its because of that I am able to stick with this lipotrim. because it was an emergency op they had to make sure my pancreas would settle down before I could have the gallbladder out. I went in on the sunday night and my op was sceduled for the following friday. All week I was nil by mouth and on a drip, and I didn't feel hungry at all!! (I lost a stone)

So, in a weird way, when i feel a bit yucky I think back to that time, and know it can be done!

So glad it is over for you, and heres to a fast recovery. All the best and hugs to you xxx


I will be skinny again!!!
Glad to hear you ok chick!!

Hopefully you will have a speedy recovery asap :D
Yay! Glad you're home, safe and sound.
Relax and recover now, but don't forget to do the deep breaths, and keep your legs and feet on the move as you rest, to prevent complications.
Remember that even though it's been done laparoscopically, you've had the exact same op as if it was open, so don't be tempted to over do things! xxxx

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