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Home from group and feel a bit down

I dont feel down because the weight as i lost 2.5 this week but i was so sure i was going to gain even posted on here about it as i was ill and had no eaten the right things.
Anyway i was chatting to my friend at the weigh in cue and was telling her about my bad week. I was really pleased that id still managed to lose this week, then the lady behind me who i dont even know was really horrible to me because she'd been listening in to my conversation with a friend and herd that i though i might have gained.
When i was leaving group she turned around so she was right in my face and gave my an awful death stare. She made me feel like i wanted to cry.
I just cant understand why she would be nasty i never even said a word to her!
Sorry for the rant but it did make me feel down. :cry:
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first of all congrats on your loss-you are doing fantastically!
secondly - easier said than done i know- ignore it,put it behind you and focus on how well you are doing....what you saw and heard was jealousy!!! so really you should be taking it as a compliment :)
she obviously didnt get the result she wanted and was jealous of yours.


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SM, well done on your loss. A touch of green eyed monster comes to mind with the cow in the group. Rise above it, you did well and must have done ex well the week before too. Next time you see her, hold your head up and smile (you might feel like punching her) and you'll be the one feeling better that day. Keep up the good work. xx
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I agree it was probably jealousy. If that had been me I probably would have asked her what her problem is, but that's just me..lol Ignore her, you are doing really well.


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You know what? Your far better than her so therefore she isn't worth ruining your day!! What she should have said is "Wow I bet your pleased with that. Well done". She didn't so like the others said, all jelousy.

Well done on your weight loss hun keep it up and hold your head high as your doing what you set out to do :)
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Every 1 has hit the nail on the head, jealousy pure and simple!!
Well done you on your loss.........(and lets hope the wind changed as she left class :D) xx


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Hiya hun - again, agree with everyone else 100% CONGRATULATIONS on your loss - you should be made up not down in the dumps because of someone elses jealousy!

We are all here for the same reason and we should celebrate everyone's losses! Don't let her ruin this for you!

Keep calm and carry on x x :D :D :D :D
Thank you all so much ladies reading your posts has really helped me and thanks so much for all the support. I think if i see her again next week i will just ignore her and hopefully she wont say anything to me xxx
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Congrats on ur loss.. i agree with everyone else... BUT being an evil beep.. rather than ignore her.. go out of ur way to be nice happy and talk to her.. i find this makes people more aware of them being horrid to u as u rise above it :) say hello and Hope you have a good WI :).. might not be ur style but thats just me :)

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