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Home made sausages?


I will be a yummy mummy!

I've bought some pork mince and wondered if anyone has tried making their own home made sausages before?
Was thinking of mixing the mince with some herbs, and maybe onions, then shaping into patties and cooking (haven't got a machine or anything)

Anyone tried anything like this before?
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Someone at my meeting did that and suggested it. She said they were very nice. She also added an egg to the mixture.

Others have tried them and said they were good. I haven't tried it yet
I've tried making patties (coz they wouldn;t stay in sausage shap) and they just tasted like pork patties! I think I read somewhere that someone used proper sausage meat and they turned out ok?
I find they work better and taste better for some unfathomable reason if you put the mince,onions etc in food processor and whizz until smooth.


I will be a yummy mummy!
Ooh let us know how it turns out if you do.
I've been meaning to do it for a couple of weeks and haven't yet - will do next week. Going to make these with half the pork mince and scandanavian style meatballs with the rest (again something I haven't tried before)
do you have the recipe? I was just going to mix herbs (maybe some sage) & an egg & then shape into sausages & griddle. I guess that is right?
I made these last night or tried anyway! I blended the meat & added an egg. It all got a bit sticky so I made most of it into burgers & just one tiny sausage. Mr Fussy Aka Hubby loved the burgers & said they made a nice change from beef & the sausage was ok. If I did it again I would not add the egg as it seemed to bind quite well without. I added parsley from my garden as well & we had it with sin free wedges & mushy peas


I will be a yummy mummy!
Sounds yummy! Esp with wedges and mushy peas yummy...
Did they taste anything like sausages...?

I think I'll add some parsley and thyme to mine, and some onions.

I don't think you can really make sausages without a machine, looks like mine will have to be patties too
Mmmm... i'm hungry now. I've never made sausages before but thanks for the suggestions - I am thinking of investing in a sausage machine. I would add a red chilli to the mixture. I like spicy food. :p

I have just bought quorn sausages as I've never had them before and they are very low in calories. Has anyone had these before? What do you think?

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Home-made sausage recipe

Hi everyone, I came across the following & tried them on a recent Bbq - they were quite reasonable. Don't forget to keep spraying with FryLight when cooking:

1 pack minced lean pork
1 small onion grated
1 eating apple, grated
salt & pepper
fresh or dried sage to taste
Blend all ingredients together ( best done in a food processor for a finer result)
Form into sausage shapes, can be frozen.

PS - have a couple more 'un-tried- receipes which I'll post :)
I heard a cooked apple has syns. How many syns in the pork & apple sausages Moideux?
Pork & Apple sausages

I thought all applies were FREE, but maybe not ?? I bought lean pieces of pork fillet, removed any visible fat and then minced it myself. I put this into a food processor. I minced the onion, apple and fresh sage and added to the food processor and blended until completely smooth. I do have some other recipes I came across and will post as soon as I can locate them. They also freeze very well.

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