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Home-made soup

hey guys, i was wondering if someone could help me. after reading the benefits of making homemade soup i was wondering if someone could tell me how you make it??? and also if you can use frozen veg. ive bought loads of frozen veg and its horrible, so was hoping i could put it in a soup with lots of garlic and onion or something to give it some flavour!

i do have fresh veg, but i like to have this with my fish/chicken etc so bascially ive got frozen brocolli, cauliflower, peas, and abit of carrot and sweetcorn in there too. ive got lots of onions and garlic to put with it, and quite afew dried herbs as well. anyone know if i could do anything with this?

thanks very much! xx
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I'm absolutely certain you could use frozen veg, although I've only ever used fresh. I think you would just boil it up in veg stock with garlic, herbs, lentils etc until cooked. Peas/sweetcorn I would put in towards the end so they aren't over cooked. Then you could blitz all or half of it with a hand blender if you want a thicker soup.

Here's a recipe that mentions using frozen veg. You could adapt it however you like.

Student Recipes - Frozen veg soup recipe

This one mentions using frozen peas

Simple Soup Recipes to Make in a Hurry - Low Calorie Recipes (UK)
thats a great help diminishingreturns, ive just remembered ive got some red lentils somewhere too, so will take a look at the recipie and see if i think i can manage it lol! thanks very much!
p.s. that first site is great - looks like i will be making alot of recipies from there!! and i think i will be able to manage the soup! thanks! x


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I was digging around on the GoodFood site for recipes, Recipes - 5000 tried and tested recipes... - BBC Good Food

They have a search - put in Soups and then you can filter the search, e.g. by less than 200kcal, or 200-400kcal etc. It's great. I'm making Moroccan chickpea soup tonight (148kcal a portion)...
Calorie based search

They have a search - put in Soups and then you can filter the search, e.g. by less than 200kcal, or 200-400kcal etc. It's great.
That is great! Having a recipe search where you can tune the calorie range is very handy. I don't know why I haven't seen that before. Thank you SO much for finding that!
hey guys, well ive just made my first ever homemade soup!

i used around 70-75g of red lentils (which is 170cals for 50g), one large onion, two cloves of garlic, two big handfuls each of frozen brocolli, cauliflower, and mixed frozen veg, 3 veg stock cubes and abit of tomatoe puree. i have no idea how many cals are in this!! im guessing for the whole lot it will around 400 - 450? i really dont know though, could anyone help?

thanks muchly xx


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Good guess. I ran it through Weight Loss Resources and this is what it came up with, totaling 451 calories. How many portions did that make? It sounds yummy?

Lentils, Red, Dried, Average 75g 236.2 17.9 40.4 1.0 3.7
Broccoli, & Cauliflower Florets, Mixed, Frozen, Tesco 2 Servings/160g 41.6 4.8 2.6 1.4 3.2
Onions, Raw, Average 1 Med/180g 55.1 2.3 10.8 0.3 2.5
Garlic, Raw, Average 3 Cloves/9g 11.7 0.5 2.6 0.0 0.2
Mixed Vegetables, Freshly Frozen, Asda 1 Serving/80g 41.6 2.6 6.4 0.6 2.4
Stock Cubes, Vegetable, Average 3 Cubes/21g 53.1 2.8 2.4 3.6 0.0
Tomato Puree, Average 1 Tbsp/15g 11.4 0.7 2.1 0.0 0.3
thanks very much for that FGS!

it makes 3 good sized servings, spread to 4 if u wanted, and i had guessed each serving had 150 cals, which means i was bang on! yay! lol.

already had two bowls today - ive been sooooo hungry today, not enough water perhaps, but il be saving the other for tomorrow.

il definately be making it again - hardly any cals, its really tasty, and it uses up some of my horrible frozen veg - result!

thanks for ur help everyone xxx


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My mum told me about this soup because she used to eat it all the time when she was on the Weight Watchers Diet and she lost 8 stone so here's the recipie...

1 large onion
tin of chopped tomatoes
2 courgettes
2 or 3 carrots
red pepper (optional)
salt and pepper

sweat off the onion on a low heat in a large pan and add the chopped courgettes and carrots. Then add the chopped tomatoes and the red pepper if you're using one. You can use veg stock to top up the soup but i tend just to use boiling water to save cals. Let the soup simmer awy for at least 40 mins and blend with some basil.

its yummy, and I dont even like tomato soup

hey lynsey, thanks for that recipie, might give it a go soon. now that ive finished uni for the summer ive got plenty of time to start trying lots of new recipies! its sounds lovely!


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hey no probs!
It is actually really nice, I was so suprised when I found out how light it was and you can use frozen peppers if you so wish, either way it's a cheap soup to make!
let me know how you get on!
i never ever cook but the other day i felt like making my first ever home made cooking(usually my mum serves me :p) and found a great recipe for tomato soup. a very spicy one!! went something like this...add a dash of oil(try and get tht 1 cal spray works fine) finely chopped onions and celery(1 of each) to a pan. wait about 10 mins until they soften. add 2 tins of canned tomatoes(800g), 1 cup of stock any flavour really, i used beef, 1 tblespoon chili powder(this made it very spicy to just add a bit if u want, 1/4 table spoon dried oregano, 1/4 table spoon basil and i think thats it. turn the heat up high until start to boil then reduce to low, add a lid to ur pan and leave to simmer for 25 mins. leave to cool for couple of mins, hand blend the mixture, add another cup of stock and ur done. hope i didnt miss anything out! :D


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I just made a really lovely soup for lunch with frozen broccoli, cauliflower and celery with onions and chicken stock as a base.... its yummy!!!

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