Honest Feedback needed on CS diet

Discussion in 'Celebrity Slim' started by lucysmummy, 1 July 2009 Social URL.

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    Hi, Im totally new to this and need some feedback on how this diet works and how successful it is. Ive spent the last 20 years trying WW, SW and the list goes on. Recently had a baby but now seriously need to lose as my whole body has changed!:eek:
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    Celebrity Slim
    Well i have only been on it for 4 days, but it works basically by no carbs.

    Working on Kilojls First - You can see them on labels near Calories -

    Works by burning "fat" instead of the carbs, so instead of burning the carbs then the fat it burns the fat quicker.

    By having 5-6 mini meals for example u eat constantly because if u strave yourself your body holds on to the fat, because it doesnt no if its going to get food again?!

    does the make sense -

    basically i have a choc shake for breakfast - a small apple as a snack, a caramel shake or a soup for lunch then some fridge raiders as a snack and then some fish and veg or something good for dinner then ill have some fat free yogart and berries or tuna as snack after dinner?

    Hope that helps

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