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Honestly this time

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by skinnynicki, 25 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. skinnynicki

    skinnynicki Member

    Hi everyone

    Having skulked around in the background for some time, not really getting anywhere - I need to change something.

    I have tried Slimming World in the past with success but put it all back on thinking I an go it alone. I have a beautiful 14 month old boy who I have dedicated my life to but by doing that, I have forgotten about me.

    I am the Queen of lying to myself and can easily dismiss the disgusting amount of sugar and chocolate I eat as nothing and be genuinely upset when I stand on the scale to see a gain or STS.

    I can't get to group so I need to just start being honest with myself about how much I'm eating, especially how much I'm eating off plan.

    I'm a terrible secret eater but am pledging right now to start a weigh diary as well as a food diary where I am utterly honest. I'm writing this whilst eating a bar of smarties chocolate, which isn't the best start I'll admit.

    I'm 35, 5ft 3 and I weighed in on Monday at 14st 12.75 lb. I would like to be 9st 1 which is slap bang in the middle of my 'healthy' weight range. However, I would also like to have another baby so this might be a slow broken journey. I fell pregnant last time at 13st 3 and would like to be back to that weight at most, ideally a bit lower when I fall with number 2.

    I don't really get on with Extra Easy as it doesn't really feel like dieting, which I know is the point but if I don't feel like I'm dieting then I don't know where the boundaries are! I do do EE at the weekend so it's more like a treat (but then I also have treats!). Most days I do green. I love cooking but don't have much time anymore as I work full time and spend as much time as I can with my baby and my fella.

    This week I have one goal - stick to plan 100%, just for 1 day. And then I can follow that with another. To do that I am going to limit my choices. I know the amazing thing about SW is how much you can eat but I think I need some rules to get my head in the zone.

    So this week the menu will be:

    Quorn Chilli and Rice
    Omelette and Salad
    Jacket potato with HEA cheese and sweetcorn

    Batchelors rice
    Batchelors pasta n sauce
    Free Soup

    Either HEB Porridge or HEB Ryvita for breakfast

    Obviously there will be free stuff and fruit to bulk this out.

    I am going to spend syns on a hot choc and a freddo at the end of the day.

    Anyway, here's to being honest and sticking to plan.
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  3. skinnynicki

    skinnynicki Member

    So after another ridiculously bad week, I'm really going for it this week.

    My goal for today is simply to stick to plan..

    For this week,that is my aim, just to follow the plan and write everything down. I don't care about the loss next Monday. I just want to know I have the discipline to follow it.

    For this week, sadly my stats are up with a gain. 15st 1.

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