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honeys one last time

Well i used to have a diary on brides to be but as im no longer a bride to be in fact im wifey now lol. Its time to start a new diary :) .

I re start cd tomorrow, so far i have lost 5 stone with cd on and off for two years i did have two to go but have gained probably two stone since i was put on some medication that helps to gain weight(although they did not tell me that :mad:) but until that i never re gain more than 7lbs so i know how to do it.

But this time i need to get this weight off i woulds of re started a few weeks ago but my cdc was away .

My first goal is for the 9th of next month im off to see god sorry my consultant :mad: :D and i need to get what iv gained off for then dont know how many pounds that is yet? iv not been weighed yet so will update that soon.

Anyway my final goal is 13 stone as i want to stop and stabilize and lose my last stone slowly .

So here is for tomorrow and at least 5 weeks minimum ss with no picking
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Good luck xx
Thank you

Iv just weighed myself and i know it will be no different to tomorrow and

Drum roll please ,,,,,

I have

21 pounds to lose in two and a half weeks :eek::(:D

I think that's not attainable so im going for as much of that as poss .and pray he wont weigh me lol (usually doesn't and should not really until i choose to start the next part of treatment and wont do that till iv got two and a half stone off so ill give myself two months for that:D.

well it's cd day 1,

and i go and get weighed and measured and my packs in a bit so all in all feeling poss and going to do my best to start as i meen to go on and no picking !!!:)
another day down and still no picking im really proud of me lol

ohh and i had the leek and pot soup and choc orange shake both really yumm but think ill mix choc orange with a normal choc as its very synthetic orange so may well water it down
well still here still no picking ,not felt bad but today my mouth tastes yeuck ,and im craving weetabix with cold milk and sugar how odd is that i never crave breakfast cereals let alone weetbix lol

i have weighed myself i always do and well iv done good so far im definitely going to do this until the 9th of may but im not sure if i will be able to do longer i know i would like to as id like to stay on till July but realistically as long as i get a good stretch at it and get down to my first goal ill be ok
Not good today:( i got up feeling very spaced and not right went in to town and was wobbling all over the place. Im on metformin so have hypos from low blood sugar if i dont eat often so spent a few hours feeling really bad and decided to stop cd well had some bread and a muesli bar and spaceyness went!. And now i want to stay on cd at least until the 9th and then do GI:). But i am soo bloody odd sometimes i was not wanting to stop cd because i couldn't do it only because of how i felt and that's the first time iv done that :confused:

So after three days no picking i blew it today with a wobble ok im still not hungry and i did have enough that i may not lose an extra pound this week but i can still Cary on with no picking for another week and a half it wont kill me.And maybe just maybe ill get a stone and half of for the 9th !!:confused::)
well i had to give up:wave_cry: it was cd or met and met won (i passed out so on recommendation of gp and a lot of soul searching im off cd for a while )going to try sw again but more the red days as they will be better for my pcos.

so i feel a failure :(but on the other hand iv lost 5 stone with cd :D.iv gained 7 lbs of the weight iv lost on cd and that is water i have only got two stone to lose so i dont think it should be that hard as i dont re gain easy i just seem to maintain.

but ill give it a go two stone healthy eating has got to be doable its not as though its 7 stone healthy eating which would take forever its only two stone and i think i can do it with the right support :)

and i also did cd for four days no picking and lost 9lbs so i think im proud of that even if i was not able to Carry on

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