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have done in the past. three different brands. didn't work. Then i got a bloody expensive prescription suppressant which worked and gave me sleepless nights.


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just went to check. it's called reductil. causes insomnia. and palpitations.


Has anyone taken hoodia along side thier diet?

theres lots of info on the net about it. They say it works as long as you buy the "pure" version!!

god knows!!

theres so much on the net to buy! dnt know which actually works!!



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Nah it doesn't work. I have a packet of the stuff which I don't use now.
Just sheer bloody mindedness and determination works I'm afraid.


Me too unfortunatly... tried it for a week ..... really should know better... no such thing as a magic answer..... just have to reduce intake and increase exercise!


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I bought some pure hoodia off the internet last year. I lost 40 pounds - or should I say £40 !! They made no difference to my weight at all - if it sounds too good to be true then it usually is!! :sigh:
I've been taking Hoodia for over a month now. It isn't going to make you loose weight. It does help CURB your appetite. I use the "Hoodia Diet Sense" with every meal I eat. And then drink tons of water. It does help me where I don't have as many cravings. But don't expect a miracle. :)

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I am a big sceptic of all of these kind of things, but I did find that Hoodia supressed my appetite - the problem is that being hungry was not my problem, I still eat when I am full, becuase I have serious issues with food - thus Hoodia didn't work for me!

I have done lots of research on Hoodia and have found that very few places offer PURE Hoodia. If you look at the small print on most versions you will only be getting 25mg of pure Hoodia in a 400mg tablet. The rest is lots of different suppressants.

If you do buy any. Makes sure it is pure Hoddia Gordonio - from the stem and that the company has a C.I.T.E.S certificate - if they can't offer one, then the pills are not pure.

I definitely wouldn't take any pills while on SS and effectively with an empty stomach!


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I tried Hoodia last year and I did find it suppressed my appetite for the first week or so and then I seemed to adjust to it. Typical!