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Hoolie's LT Restart Diary


Getting thinner everyday!
Background to my LT journey

After having a baby in 2006, I'd never quite managed to lose the pregnancy weight. I put on 5 st :eek:.

Christmas 2008 I was shopping for a new coat and every coat I tried on just looked awful. It was then that I decided enough was enough and that it was time to do somehting about it.

So on Jan 1st I went on slimfast for 2 weeks to prepare myself for LT. On 16 Jan 2009 I enrolled at a pharmacy and got my first weeks supply.

I stuck to LT for nearly 6 months and lost 5 and a half stone. I was just gearing up for re-feed when I discovered I was pregnant. My immediate reaction was to come off LT straight away so didn't re-feed properly.

I had concerns about having been pregnant and on LT so rang the Howard Institute with some questions where they reassured me that the diet was safe and it was quite common for pregnancies as it makes you more fertile. They also said all the folic acid in the shakes was good for early pregnancy.

Unfortunatley, though, my pregnancy didn't last as at our routine scan we were told our baby had no heartbeat. I checked with 3 health professionals, independent of te Howard Institute and they all said that my miscarraige would not have been caused by LT. In the end, I had to go for surgery as my miscarriage did not resolve naturally. Then ensued a number of weeks of emotional recovery and during this time, dieting and weight were the last thing on my mind.

So 6 weeks after surgery, I'm back to lose the weight from my second pregnancy.

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Getting thinner everyday!
Day one - Mon 21st Sept

I was expecting it to be so hard. After reading about how hard re-start was I was pleasantly surprised that my day 1 was so easy.

My first thoughts were how much I'd missed LT and how great it was to be back on it and regain control over my diet.

Day Two - Tue 22nd Sept

Again another easy day. No hunger pangs. Drinking all the water is a bit hard but other than that, okay

Day Three - Wed 23rd

Still not hungery. Though the smell of a lovely roast chicken cooking when I opened the front door was a real test (note to myself: 'phone to check before going home that there is no roast chicken cooking LOL)

Day Four - Thurs

I couple of incidents of feeling hungry. But these went after a drink and hanging on in for an hour. Not a bad day
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Hi Hoolie, you are not only huni in gaining so much weight thru pregnancy. I gained 3 stone with my first and lost it with weight watchers by the time he was 1. I gained 5 stone with my second and not lost a lb of it and she is 3 next month!!
I am so sorry to hear you lost your baby.
I also restarted lipotrim this week, it sounds as tho you are having quite a comfortable week so far. Good luck huni, how much would you like to lose this time round? xx


Getting thinner everyday!
Thanks Slimmer2moro.

I have set myself an intial goal of 23lbs. Then I'll review and most probably set myself another target.



Getting thinner everyday!
* Friday week 1

Not the best day. Got up and was cold first thing so expected it to be an easy day. Was hungry most of the day and craving.

Onward and upward.
Hi Hoolie! Thanks for you diary. I love to read people's thoughts and feelings (I'm very nosey)

I put on 7 stone when I was last preggers. I ate curries morning, noon and night! Well done on losing the 5 and a half stone, that's incredible!

Sorry to hear you lost your baby sweetie.

You'll do fantastically well on your second time around, just as you did the first time. You know the scores on the doors, so know what's a head of you. You sound determined and strong. Keep that focus and keep repeating in your head why you're doing this and you'll be grand. The hunger and craving will soon pass. Keep that that fact in your head.

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