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Hooray for the OH!

I just walked into the kitchen, and discovered my OH has re-arranged it all, putting anything edible out of view! He got a massive smoochy kiss, specially after he said he'd do all the cooking as long as I needed him to :character00100:

Big hoorays for all your OH's out there who make life easier for you!

(and if ur like me and didn't know what OH is (til today)= Other Half)
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aahhhh how sweet unfortunatly my oh doesnt want me doing lipotrim and continues to bring home all my favourite things sweets take aways and all sorts to try and get me to quit, but thats a really nice thing for your oh to do x x
lol x x


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That's so nice Flutterbye!! What a sweet thing to do :) My OH is being very supportive, he cant get over the difference in such a short time :)

Hopeful why does your OH not want you to do LT? :(


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I can't understand why anyone's partner or friends wouldn't want to see them slimmer and healthier???? Unless, perhaps, they have a weight problem themselves but can't get off their fat ar8es to do something about it!

My OH is being pretty good, we were away last weekend in France and we went to a lovely restaurant for lunch, he had the works (galette complet - don't ask!) and I had an Exante bar! He said that he really misses going out for meals as we haven't been for many recently (used to go at least once or twice a week), but knows that I've GOT to do this! We're off to London in a couple of weeks and I've planned to have dinner on both nights, going to pick restaurants carefully and stick to protein and maybe a bit of salad. Got a girls' lunch next Saturday but going to stick to LT, don't find it a problem now that I'm on my 8th week......


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Your hubby sounds brill sandra! :)

My bf would have a domino's pizza 3 weekends out of 4 when i was on tfr and it didnt bother me but he would always be concious of eating in front of me and many a time asked me if i wanted him to eat in another room.

It makes the journey much much easier when you have someone on your side with you - i don't think i couldve done it without the support from the bf and family!

And you're right - those who dont want to see people slimmer and healthier must have a problem themselves!!!! x
Tanya - he is! In the 20 years that we've been together he hasn't put on an ounce....whereas I've managed to vary by as much as 4 stone in the the last 5 years! Fortunately he hasn't really got a sweet tooth and he's totally bloody hopeless in the kitchen and won't go food shopping so I get to control what goes on the table.....that said I heard a bit of rustling (is there such a word?) last night and when I asked him what it was I found out that he was surreptiously partaking of a bar of Galaxy! Didn't bother me actually but admittedly we would normally have had 1/2 each! We only have a takeaway chinese about once a month and he DOESN'T LIKE pizza unless we're sat down at Pizza Express......upon review I'm not entirely sure that he's human! :confused:
I just want to add how fantastic my hubby is too (i don't "big him up" as much as i should really). He's been bloody fantastic about lipotrim, admittantly he wasn't keen on me going on tfr to start with but more out of worry than anything, even still he's done nothing but support me and tell me each day how lovely i look and encourage me to keep going when it's been hard.

When he's eating stuff that he knows i like he'll tell me that it's awful and that it doesn't taste right (silly but it does seem to stop me from wanting it if i think it tastes poop ha ha).

Even though i've been on tfr 10 weeks now he does still have the odd slip and ask me what i want when he goes to buy his dinner or pop in a shop but i find that quite funny and at least he's still considered me. lol

He took me clothes shopping today which was fantastic, he helped me choose what suited me then waited quite happily whilst i tried it all on! I only bought a couple of bits (all of which we're a size 14! yay) and then he even carried my handbag and shopping bags too. (there is a new PS3 game coming out soon that he keeps hinting about so i suspect there's a link here. ha ha - i have actually already ordered it but he doesn't know that)

But even still i couldn't love him more if i tried. We've been together since i was 15 and he was 18 (i'm now 28 and he's now 31) we've got 3 kids together and have been married 8 1/2 years, of course we have fallings out the same as anyone but if it wasn't for him (and my family of course) i'd never have lasted the 1st week on tfr.

So there you go, thats my "big up" to the bumpkins massive! (his nicknames bumpkins - i don't know why i started that about 10years ago but even my dad calls him that now too. ha ha ha)

Cheers to Bumpkins! He sounds like a lovely bloke x
Awh that's lovely!

My OH is very helpful too with me on mine, he does order take out alots but insists he will eat in another room.

Tragically I still do all the cooking. Apparently the kichen doesn't work when he's in it? I think he just stands in the middle and wills the oven to start and the contents to just start flying in. lols.

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