Jojos in it for the long haul 4 stone to lose!

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  1. jojo14

    jojo14 Full Member

    Didn't think I would ever be doing a weight loss diary or be choosing to lose weight over a long period of time. I always look and go for quick fix.

    I've done exante for three weeks before my holiday last year to lose a stone and half in 3 weeks.

    I've done crash diets where I've barely eaten for a week to get a quick result of half a stone.

    Juicing before big nights out,

    but the end result has always been piling the weight back on plus more so when I weighed my self 2 week ago I weighed the heaviest I have ever weighed at 14st 5lbs. Since then I have made dramatic changes and ditched as many sweet treats and unhealthy foods from my kitchen as possible. (which is easier said than done when my OH loves sweet treats and has no need to ditch them).

    My intention now is to change my eating habits. No more not eating all day then having a massive binge in the evenings! I'm now calorie counting at around 1200 calories a day. This will go up as my weight goes down.

    So far in two weeks I have lost 7lbs bringing my weight down to 13st 12lbs. I'm not going to set unrealistic goals, I'm just going to try and eat as healthily as possible and get into good habits so when the weight comes off I can maintain it and not pile it all back!

    Sorry if I've wrote a long first entry but my motivation always wanes after a couple weeks and I'm hoping by writing a diary and posting my achievements and such will keep me going so much longer than doing it by self.

    I plan on weighing my self on Saturday to see if I've lost any more weight. But as a serial weigher I'm finding it really hard to stay away from the scales. May have to get the OH to take them to work with them haha.
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  3. jojo14

    jojo14 Full Member

    It late at night when I want to binge. I never have any problems during the day but come evening time I just wanna snack on toast biscuits chocolate or what ever else is in the kitchen. Trying to stay motivated.
  4. jojo14

    jojo14 Full Member

    Weigh day today little bit nervous. I know I'll be downhearted if I havent lost but I need to remember I weighed my self on tuesday and had a 2lb loss so only been 4 days and its totm! So fingers crossed :)
  5. jojo14

    jojo14 Full Member

    Yay ive lost 1lb in four days and on totm. So happy :)

    Total of 8lb lost.

    Now way 13st 11.

    Now best hide the scales away till next week. Hoping for at least 2lb. If im good for a whole week plus no totm. Should be good result.
  6. jojo14

    jojo14 Full Member

    Been naughty today. My OH brought me a toffee sundae home. It was yummy!

    Still feeling positive. A treat is definitely allowed. I just to remember things like ice cream are treats and not a daily allowance.

    Having a curry tonight and was gonna have a naan with it. But now not gonna. Its all about making choices when it comes to healthy eating. Theres nothing wrong with having something naughty but you need to keep making good choices afterwards and not let it turn into a 'naughty' day or a 'naughty' week.

    Im off out next saturday night so no treats till then. I would love to be 13lb 7 on sat but that would mean a 4lb loss this week and I just don't think its realistic. So 2lb would be lovely bringing me to 13stone 9. And a total of 10lb weight loss.

    Wish me luck! ! :)
  7. jojo14

    jojo14 Full Member

    Feeling constantly hungry today. Taking all my will power today to not eat everything in site.

    Was rushing this morning so had a nutrigrain bar for breakfast.
    A ham roll and a small handful of doritos for lunch.
    Snacked on a few tangtastics haribos.
    Planning on making spag bol for tea and just having the mince and sauce no spaghetti.

    All I really want to eat tho is the Chicago town takeaway pizza in the freezer. Ive been so good this past fortnight.

    But today i'm just forgetting the reasons why im doing this in the first place.
  8. lottiebird

    lottiebird Silver Member

    Hi Jojo!

    I can totally relate to not eating all day then binge eating at night! I'm not bothered about food in the day really!

    Subscribing x
  9. jojo14

    jojo14 Full Member

    Exactly lottie!
    I find eating healthier in the day is easy.
    Night time not so much..

    I ended up having pizza for tea and then two twirls later on. Gutted with myself now. But trying to be honest with my self and documenting everything I eat. It was the first time I have over ate in a fortnight and I feel crappy about it. I've had a real bad day to day and have been emotional and lost my will power. Tomorrow I need get back on the wagon. Ive binged at night for most of my adult life and I won't kick the habit straight away.
    Im calorie counting on mfp and hoping in the next few days I can earn back the calories ive over eaten with today so by the end of the week I'll be with in my weekly limit.

    Also may start going for walks in evening if I can persuade my OH to come with me.
  10. DiamondDoll

    DiamondDoll Full Member

    Hi jojo,

    I'm the same... Cal counting on MFP and I do actually save the bulk of my cals for tea time/later evening... Stops me from bingeing (I used to binge eat like a mad woman!). Congrats on getting into those 13's! Hoping to join you very soon!

  11. jojo14

    jojo14 Full Member

    I hope you do too Diamond doll :). Getting into the next stone range really keeps you positive and shows that you really are losing weight.

    As for better binging. I use binge every night and could eat alot more than a pizza and two twirls. It's a long journey and I'm not going to get upset over a slip up. Been really good today and have made spag bol tonight. Im having mine without spaghetti. Also made sure I have a yoghurt in the fridge for later incase I fancy something sweet.
  12. jojo14

    jojo14 Full Member

    Had a really good day today :). And have so far avoided the scales since Saturday. I normally weigh my self everyday and even though I know your weight naturally fluctuates, I still get upset to see a gain. I really hoping for a 2lb loss to bring me to 13st 9.

    I really want to get out of the 13's and want people to notice I've lost weight. 12stone is where I begin to feel comfortable with my weight and 11 stone is where I begin to feel slim. I know I've still got a way to go.

    One day at a time....
  13. Mollyrock

    Mollyrock Full Member

    Ur doing really well honi :)
  14. jojo14

    jojo14 Full Member

    Thanks molly.
    Just weight loss is such a ball ache long term. I can see the appeal of a vlcd. But as soon as I come off it I pile so much weight back on. Im hoping in a couple more weeks il be finding it alot easier. Even though I'm doing well I'm thinking about food all the time and don't know how long my will power will last.
  15. Mollyrock

    Mollyrock Full Member

    I can't do LC for the same reasons. I started slimming world, i'm only in wk 4 but doing well so far and having delicious meals and snacks :D
  16. jojo14

    jojo14 Full Member

    Im choosing to count calories on mfp, but I am using alot of ideas off slimmingworld. I have a slimming world cookbook I use for ideas for tea and I love slimming world chips :)
  17. jojo14

    jojo14 Full Member

    Another good day to day :) was on night so slept in till 1. Had weetabox when I got up and a omlette for my tea may have a cheeky glass of wine later but il be well within my calorie limit. Really want to weigh my self before sat. May have to take the battery out to stop my self.
  18. jojo14

    jojo14 Full Member

    A large glass of wine and some chocolate oopsie. I dont feel I have over eaten and within my daily limit. But no treats tomo. Ihave a big night out Saturday and worried about what to drink and eat before I go out. Its been a long time since I went out but I don't want to undo all my hard work.
  19. Mollyrock

    Mollyrock Full Member

    I will have to be gd too as we have a bbq on Saturday....yikes......
    Best of luck honi x
  20. jojo14

    jojo14 Full Member

    Weigh day is Saturday day as well. Hoping for 2lb. Then gonna not wprry about what I eat/drink saturday evening as long as I dont go mad. Besides dancing burns fat and im planning in doing alot of that :)
  21. Mollyrock

    Mollyrock Full Member

    Best of luck with the weigh in :)
    yeah u have u live ur life and allow urself to do it without beating urself up then get back on track as soon as you can. Enjoy! x

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