Hope dont have day like yesterday


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What a day ive had yesterday, got up feeling great and had loads of washing (pots) to do so went to do them, filled sink up and to my horror yes horror :eek: the water was stinking cold and my blue light wasnt on the boiler neither. So i had to call someone out for boiler to fix it, as im in council and they said someone will call me back to tell me when calling, in mean time my sink was flipping block as flipping well argggggghhhhhhhh :mad::mad:, i was not a happy bunny. So i had to pan out the water into the grid, so glad the sink is right at window and we found the pipe outside was frozen solid so me and 16 year old got it sorted after while.

I went for dad who has same boiler and his happened day before, got back son told me the boiler man came and then gone :eek::eek: stupid boy not letting him in, And they didnt call first :mad:. dad couldnt fix it as not same problem so i rang them back up and took dad back, came back and luckily the guy came back to find out my fan has stop working, so yes no hot water or heating argggghhhhhhh, what a blooming day.

Then all day i couldnt move very well as the night before had some pork and my back was crippled i think with trapped wind and omg it wouldnt shift all day. Also last week meeting was cancelled would of been first wi and check on scales and im sts surely thats not right ffs oh well did say ill give it a month on ee. but if i sts all month ill be gutted and wasted a month on 12 week countdown.

Hope today is better, well still no hot water and heating hopefully they round tomoz, knowning my luck when i take kids to school (please be back plzzz :rolleyes:). Anyone else having bad luck to the start of year lol
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lol.. what a day..... i did a post on my blog today about when things go wrong and how our perspective on them can affect so greatly how we feel ...
so just to throw another perspective on all of this ........ you had a crisis with the water heating system, but you contacted the right person / people to get it sorted.
your son didn't let a stranger into the house and thus remained safe.
The boiler man did have to be chased back but he made it and you got the water heating sorted as much as it could be at that particular time.
you got on the scales and WELL DONE.. you have managed to STS and NOT put any weight on! thats fantastic!
You had some pork the evening before and now know that it gives you chronic pain in your back, prob through trapped wind. - Great news is that you know not to eat it again, and the even better news is that you haven't got a serious condition that is causing your back to hurt ......... one less health problem that you don't have to worry about
And finally, even though you felt really stressed yesterday, you did the healthy thing and came to mni's and got it all off your chest .. thus reducing your chances of being affected by any stress related conditions :)

should point out that I am not trying to be patronising, and I too have those days where i reach the end of my tether, stub my toe and thats it.. its tears for the rest of the day with no rational consoling or explanations lol ......... it just made me think reading your post, after writing my blog stuff this morning that a lot of situations can be turned on their head if viewed from a slightly different angle..
but still sending you hugs :)


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I guess it just goes to show how much we take hot water and heating for granted...

Think of those less fortunate who never have hot water or any central heating. I for sure wouldn't cope!

I hope 2010 starts to look up soon