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Hope its not true but thought i should post anyway- PLEASE READ

An important message from the Police -

Guys please pass this along to all the women you know.....

This actually happened a few weeks ago right here in England . It was early evening and a young lady stopped to get petrol.

She filled her tank and walked into the store to pay for her petrol. The cashier told her 'Don't pay for your petrol yet.....walk around the store for a while and act as if you're picking up some other things to buy.

A man just got into the back of your car. I've called the police and they're on their way'. When the police arrived, they found the man in the back seat of the girl's car and asked him what he was doing. He replied, he was joining a gang and the initiation to join is to kidnap a woman and bring her back to the gang to be raped by every member of the gang. If the woman was still alive by the time they finish with her then they let her go.

According to the police that night, there is a new gang forming here originating from London. The scary part of this is because the guy didn't have a weapon on him. The police could only charge him with trespassing.... He's back on the street and free to try again.

Please be aware of what's going on around you and for your family and friends. LADIES you or one of your family and friends could be the next victim.

Please forward this on to everyone you know. Please do not discard this message it is very important that everyone knows what is happening.

Please be careful when leaving your vehicle and make sure it is ALWAYS Locked to prevent this from happening to you.
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Yes, it's on snopes as false. It's been going since 1998 and still pops up every now and again.
You shouldn't - you were only looking after everyone...and lets face it, with all the violence that goes on now it is not difficult to believe it!
If nothing else you will have reminded everyone to lock their cars on the forecourt, which at the very least will stop a few handbag thefts...which sadly are very common.



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You never know one day a group of youths could read these and actually do it.....give them an idea and someone is bound to try it.......thanks for posting it and ladies do remember to keep your car locked.......better safe than sorry !!!


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Just reading that ... some years ago near where i live ... this woman was riding down a country lane in her car at night ... well all of a sudden she noticed a dog laying in the middle of the road .. she stopped and got out of the car to see if the dog was ok , by this time a man jumped in the back of her car ... well there was a car just coming up behind her and the man driver noticed a man jump in her car ... before he could tell her she drove off , the man driver followed her and flashed her ... but she thought the man was after her.... well she drove home onto her drive and got out saying don't hurt me ... he said no someone jumped in your car while you stopped to check the dog...but it was a trick for the man to jump in the back of the car ... must be over 10 years ago that happened.

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