hope someone can help


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Just a quick question really, i have a recipe sheet for the CD packs and i really fancy making the chocolate bar and just wondered if anyone else had tries it, i really don't want to waste a pack and am hoping that it turns out ok, so any advice would be gratefully received lol.
Lots of love Busy XX
I've made it but dont know whether i did it right!! Mine turned out like a thin sheet of frozen chocolate. It personally didnt taste like chocolate - well not cadburys anyway:)

It was ok and good to try - fine if you want something to last a bit longer than a shake. :)
I havent tried the chocolate but the fudge and the muffins do it for me!

I think if you are looking for a proper choc substitute then its not going to do the trick, but if you want to try something different then it might be for you.