Hopefully my blip is over...

Tracie Green

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hey all, think my bad weekend and generally feeling rubbish about sw is over now,thanks to u all, i just find it sooo difficult as i cant afford to go to classes so it is really hard going it alone, but u guys def help. Gonna try treats lasagnea recipe next week yum x:p
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Mrs V

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Welcome back Hun....dont fret, just pick yourself up, dust yourself down and get back on track. We all go through times like this, but with the support of others, we can get through....just dont feel that you are on your own!
I cant afford to go to classes either and yes, its not easy going it alone, but post your diaries and come on here whenever you have a moment of doubt...thats what we are all here for.....advice and support!

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Tracie i can honestly say slimming world lasagne has changed my life lmao hahahaha i have it far too much


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I had a moment like that on Sunday. Just couldnt be bothered and wanted to eat whatever I wanted. I think SW will be really easy when this new plan comes in. It will be lovely to be able to have "proper" lasange and curry and rice etc.


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hey, gald your sounding positive and ready to go again. these little moments happen to us all! good luck and keep posting - it does keep you on track.