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First of all wanted to say THANKS a million to all the helpful replies to my need help thread.. getting used to posting now and think i even managed to get a ticker,won't know for sure until i post this!!:break_diet: Now my other problem...I am so mad with myself this week,..had to go to a friends funeral at the weekend and used it as a perfect excuse to break my tfr, i munched my way through sandwiches,sausages,etc...washed it all down with plenty of vino and am now totally disgusted with myself!! Convinced myself that i was so sad the only way to feel better was to stuff my face for a few days:cry:But now i'm completely out of control,can't get to grips with shakes again and can't get up off my rear end to do even the smallest bit of exercise..DISASTER area at the minute!! didn't even go to weigh in today. Think if i confess all it might make me see sense!! Had to get it off my chest :sigh:
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Dear, look at how much weight you've lost already! You've achieved so much.

You can do it, you already have. Keep your chin up and get back on the shakes! The food will still be there when you stop the diet, think of that every time you feel like eating.

I ate at the weekend myself (because i was ill), but i'm back on the shakes full pelt and i'm feeling better for it!

You can't be blamed for slipping when it was because of a death...


If you need someone to talk to i'm willing, just natter to me any time <3
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If it was acase of u just felt like eating and u did then I'd say shame on u but when our emotions take hold sometimes no amount of will power can stop us Ur friend died, Dont be so hard on ur self for wanting some comfort in such a sad time.

U've done so great so far REMEMBER u HAVE done so well and u CAN get back on track. Be proud of what u've done so far and forget the 1 lil mistake. Thats all it was a lil mistake. Get back onto the shakes ASAP and u'll soon be right on ur way to more weight loss....


Loadsa hugs for u.....
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Don't beat yourself up too badly and don't dwell on it pick yourself up find your motivation and start a fresh!!! Look at like this you took a break it's done now you have to get back on track after all you do have a goal weight to reach and that won't take you too long:)


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S: 14st11lb C: 14st2lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 0st9lb(4.35%)
Big thanks

I have just spent 4 hrs on line:coffee: Was looking through loads of peoples stories and needing some inspiration and i've jus realised that i haven't eaten anything in that time, so i'm gonna have a nice chocolate shake now instead of waiting until tomorrow to restart!! Thank you so much for your lovely encouraging replies,it has gotten me through today!!:thankyou:
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S: 14st11lb C: 14st2lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 0st9lb(4.35%)
miss motivator

thanks suejulybride..you have the right attitude!! And like i said i did just make the funeral an excuse, how bad is that?? :ashamed0005:Anyway hopefully back on track now and will have better news next week!
Fingers crossed for you :D

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