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hoping my scales are faulty??

i have fininshed 6 days attack and lost 8lb, so really happy, had my first day on cruise yesterday, lots of fluids, small amount of vegtables plus proteins etc. today scales say i have put on 1 stone, is this actually possible, fluid retention?? or have my cheap scales given up all reality? don't feel look swollen. now worried i am doing something wrong, was expecting small weight gain reintoducing veg but not this, and tips/ideas as this is the first diet i've really felt comfortable on and don't want to give it up.
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Hi gracejanet.

Admittedly, I don't weigh myself more than once a week so am fairly unfamiliar with fluctuations on Dukan, but putting on an entire stone in one day by adding some veg seems very extreme to me.

Obviously, once you start adding veg, you are likely to see an initial gain from water in the veg, but you'd need to eat a hell of a lot for a whole stone of water to suddenly appear, I'd think!

Do you suffer a lot from very bad water retention?

I'm sure that if I were you, I'd be questioning my scales. Can you pop to a friend's or family member's house (or even to somewhere - Boots, maybe - with some really accurate scales)?

Don't panic just yet and re-check that weight on scales that you know are more likely to be accurate.

Hope that helps.
hi, scales in same place, no known fluid retention, i don't look swollen, going to pop into my neighbours when they get up!

First - Don't panic!

Are your scales on a hard surface or carpet?
A soft surface can cause weird readings.

Are they mechanical or electronic?
Both can break down - sometimes the spring deforms over time, particularly if it is a cheaper model. And low battery charges can make the reading wildly inaccurate.

I had smiliar problems a few years ago, and eventually just had to bite the bullet, go shopping and buy a slightly more expensive set of scales - and, apart from the times the battery runs out, it's been fabulously accurate.

(Also - is time-of-the-month a factor? Some months I used to see a swing of 8lbs upwards in the days before my period!)
Get some new scales!

When I started the diet I assumed my mechanical scales were correct - until I weighed myself on a proper gym scale, which showed my weight as 7lbs heavier than my home scales! Turned out I was fatter than I thought I was all along :eek:

Needless to say I checked out which scales are best rated, which, according to most reviews are WeightWatchers, and immediately bought a set!

It can be very disheartening if your scales aren't reliable; it makes it difficult to know if you're doing the right thing and you can't genuinely tell if gaining or losing. I'd really suggest a new pair so you can get a new start from here and fully know where you are and that you're headed in the right place!
well my son has visited, he was weighed at hospital on thursday and according to scales he has also put on a stone so i am guessing its time to buy some new scales!


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